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Applying the principles in Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire" workbook is an ongoing process.   And I want to share a bit about my process not only with Principles Six and Seven but with the book as a whole.  

Each chapter of "Your Heart's Desire" includes explanation of the principle involved, a principle, examples or case studies, work book exercises, meditations and, in some cases, projects.  And at the end of each chapter Choquette checks in with me. 

 She wants to know if the goals of the chapter has been met and if the reader is ready to move on to the next principle.     Sometimes I've been ready, sometimes I haven't. Sometimes I have moved ahead even though a principle is not complete on all levels.   

Several of the "Your Heart's Desire" principles are, in my opinion, ongoing.  As such, I am actively working on Principle Three (imagine your heart's desire) Principle Four (eliminate your obstacles) and Principle Five (ask for divine guidance) right now and probably will be for some time.   Every night, I imagine my heart's desire.  Every day, I chip away at the obstacles which are still very much in my way. 

And I suspect that even though my desire's may change over time, this visionary but sometimes difficult process will be an ongoing part of my experience here on the earth plane.       As will my work with Principle Five which is a huge part of my inner experience at this point in time. 

The fact that I have not finished with these principles doesn't mean that that I have stalled however.  It means that I am incorporating them into my life.  So I felt ready to move on  to Principles Six and Seven.     

Principle Six is called "Choose to Support Your Dream with Love" and it is in my opinion a very important principal.   It is also a bit tricky for me because my dream - the one I'm working the hardest on right here, right now - is an obstacle as well as a dream.    

"Your Heart's Desire" allows the reader to work with up to three Heart's Desires or dreams.  Two of my dreams are creative and exciting, while the other is very much 3D.  And it is this last, very three dimensional dream I struggle with most.  Luckily, the application of Principles Six and Seven have helped.  

To explain why, I need to give a little background on each of my dreams.  

My Heart's Desire #1 is about spiritual adventure and exploration.  It includes developing my mediumship, dream work, psychic exploration and out of body experience.  

This the dream I am most excited about.  It falls under Choquette's category 7, Travel / Adventure which includes psychic exploration and more.

My Heart's Desire #3 is falls under the category of creativity.  It involves the direct application of the creative process through writing and the spiritual book I so very much want to bring into the world.  

But it is My Heart's Desire #2 which lies between 1 & 3 and it is a sticky one.  Desire #2 falls in the category of Home but at the same time overlaps Family and Finance.  It is on the surface, at least, completely 3D.  

The completion of Desire #2 involves rehabbing two properties (one to sell and one to rent) as well as finishing the work on our own home (the one we are living with).  The work is hard and grinding and slow.  And some days it feels like I am waist deep in gravel.    

But I keep pushing.  Partially because the only way out is to push all the way through.  But also because I like what is waiting on the other side and I believe in it.  This is why my Desire #2 is not just an obstacle but also a dream.  The dream is financial stability, family harmony and a place to work (my unfinished office).   

The obstacle is not just the hard work involves.  It is the placement of the dream in time line of my life experience.  So when Choquette said (way back in Principle One),  "If you are blocked about your heart's desire, ask yourself whether you are overlooking the obvious and immediate needs in your life," I suddenly understood why I was spinning my wheels.  

All at once I knew why my friend Tara was right.  I understood why work on the properties was blocking me and why I needed to make this not especially rewarding work a priority.  But how does all of that relate to Principles Six and Seven?  

Principle Six (support your dream with love) is tricky when you really dislike most of the work that your dream requires.  It can be hard to feel loving about dragging sheetrock up (or down) two flights of stairs or happy about putting in 12 hours days on days when the temperature is closing in on 100 degrees.  And this is why I find the case studies Choquette provides so helpful.  

The actions which support your dream MUST be seen as acts of self love - particularly when this is hard to do.  A fact Choquette clearly illustrated by telling the story of a client whose dream was to lose 75 lbs. This client chose to 'treat' himself to fattening foods on occasion, undermining his weight loss efforts.  And then he turned that around, chose to reward himself with healthy food and realized his goal.  

Is binging on junk food a true act of love?  Of course not.  And yet we, to varying degrees, make choices like this more than we realize.  

And I was certainly no exception.  

My desire was all about hard work and finance.  And it was decidedly NOT going to be accomplished by taking days off, losing myself in other activities or dipping into my savings and yet I was doing these things often enough to to derail one short term goal after another.  

What would I say, I asked myself, if one of my kids had a goal just like mine and was at the same time engaging in such counter productive behaviors?  

The answer was clear.  Why it is sometimes easier to care for the dreams of our children than it is the dreams of our own is a perhaps more complicated question.  But those of us who love others can use this tendency to support THEIR dreams with love without analyzing the why and the wherefore.  

So I started asking myself, if one of my kids was doing what I was, what would I say?  So thanks to Principle Six I am working harder and longer, watching my spending and realizing most of my incremental goals.  I am doing my best to see doing this as act of self love. 

And as I frequently find as I work through "Your Heart's Desire" this principle makes the one that follows possible.  

Principle Seven is Surrender Control.  It builds on Principle Five (ask for guidance) AND Principle Six because when we choose to support our dream with love, we commit to doing the best that we can.  When we know we are doing the best that we can, we can then step back and allow spirit to work its magic.  And it is this let-go-and-let-God which activates the law of attraction.  

Applying Principles Six and Seven is not always hard work however.  It can also be fun.  Applying Principle Six to Dream #1 (something I am already doing) involves mediumship workshops at Journey Withing and the Spirit Sanctuary, my upcoming Astral Dynamics workshop, dream work and lucid dreaming and the idea to build my very own Psychomanteum as described in Ray Moody's wonderful book Reunions.  I love all of this!  

Applying Principle Six to Dream #3 involves doing the necessary book research (something I enjoy as well) and claiming my office space (right now being used as interim storage and in need of painting).  I am even now doing the research (though not quite sure where it will lead) and I did a lot of physical work on the office already (before I filled it up with stuff).  It has a new floor, new walls and new woodwork which were important incremental goals.  

Principle Seven is crucial for each of my dreams.  And I am going to work with it for a while - by supporting my dreams, imagining them and taking them directly to spirit very day. 

Is this an easy time for me?  Decidedly not.  But working with "Your Heart's Desire" has given me the necessary tools to realize my goals and I am grateful for that.  

Principle Seven closes with an exercise and instructions for creating an alchemy box.  And this is something I am really looking forward to doing.  I may not get to it until next week  or even the week after but when I do, there will be pictures!     

I hope you will check back to see them :)

To read more about my work with Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire" please see:

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