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I have been thinking about a name change recently.  Not for myself but for the blog.  

I do like the name we have now.  The New Age Review sounds professional and people recognize it.  Getting to that point of recognition has taken some work and I'm not eager to go back to square one.

And I do have  a lot of interests frequently considered New Age - meditation, for example, and astrology and energy work and spirit and manifestation and too many others to easily name.

But am I really a New Age writer?  And do I really want to review things across the broad spectrum of New Age thought?  Or is my own personal development better served when I stick close to what I am currently working with?

The New Age movement began in the sixties with roots in the work of Edgar Cayce.  It has borrowed from the East and come of age in the West and become something of a spiritual melting pot from which people are free to pick and choose what resonates with them on a personal level.  And I am a big fan of free choice.  

In my freedom to chose however, I have chosen Spiritualism or it has chosen me and most of what I am working with right now relates to the practice of Spiritualism in one form or another.

Spiritualism shares much with New Age but it began in an earlier time - ushered in by Swedenborg or Andrew Jackson Davis, perhaps, but truly brought into being later by two young mid 19th century American mediums known as Kate and Margaret Fox.  The lynchpin, if you will, of spiritualism is the presentation of objective evidence of Spirit through mediumship.  I see this presentation as a proving ground with the power to reverse a great many ills.

These ills include, but are not limited to, our widespread and pathological fear of death and a worldwide, potentially terminal attitude of materialism.  How different the world could be without these misconceptions!  I, for one, dream of that day.

Is Spiritualism all encompassing?  Perhaps not.  It leaves ample room for so-called New Age pursuits such as chakra work, yoga, psychic development, astrology, numerology, energy healing and more.Being free from commandments and dogma, Spiritualism also leaves space for individual spiritual development along the more of less traditionally religious lines of faith, compassion and service.  This is not presented dogmatically but can be found between the lines of personal responsibility.

Does the term new age have a broader application?  Perhaps.  People are searching and in general what we seek, we find, and I see no reason why this should be the exception.  This new age, is not a list of titles on a bookshop shelf however.  It is a place in time where many apparently diverging currents are combining in new and exciting ways.

Going forward, as a Spiritualist, I will not just be talking about my pursuit of Spirit through mediumship. I will be talking about the infinite variety our new age offers everyone.

As for for the latter part of the name, I'm looking at the word review less as a noun which signifies the assessment and evaluation of material for the purpose of writing an article or report but more a verb.

As a verb, the word review implies a different sort of process, that of remembering and reflecting upon a given experience.  Written reviews of books and media will always have a place in this blog but as I move forward, I will probably be reflecting upon my own experience a bit more and writing about the experience of others a less often

I hope that my readers will find that appealing.

So in the spirit of the new age which I feel is dawning, it may be best to not change the name of the blog.  Even if I am focusing on a practice which precedes the New Age movement by a number of years.  This practice of Spiritualism is, I think, in good company with the practice of yoga and the clearing of chakras.

But this article is about change and I have a story.

Well over ten years and three homes ago, I was walking through my dining room when a large metal work statue of Shiva fell from a high shelf and hit me hard on the head.  There was blood and an eventual scar and the chaos of a life over turned all around me.  That event made clear something I already knew.  My life was changing and there was no going back.

I gave the statue to a friend but the changes kept coming.  Many of those changes were abrupt and traumatic.  I lost a career, a home and a relationship.  I lost people I cared for and misplaced others and, perhaps most significantly, I lost the person I believed myself to be.

Those changes were cataclysmic because they had to be.  I was far off track, living a life I was not meant to live.  It wasn't a bad life in any way.  Viewed from the outside it was very acceptable.  But underneath my own denial, I knew.  That life was not mine.

Changes these days are subtle, more a matter of honing in or aligning than of tearing things down and staring from scratch.  But I still love changing things. Because that is how we create things.  Without change there can be no transformation.  Without transformation, our life is wasted.

Having said all of that, I won't change the name of my old friend, the blog or at least not today.  But I will change the way I think of it and, in some ways, the way I look at myself and the world that surrounds me.  A new chapter is starting.  Only the title is static.

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