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I have just finished Sonia Choquette's wonderful book, "Your Heart's Desire." 

I began working with the "Your Heart's Desire" workbook in June  - a long time to spend on a single book.  This time span was due, in part, to my extreme and ongoing busyness.  But it was also, and perhaps more significantly, due to the material itself.

The nine "Your Heart's Desire" principles describe a transformative process - a process which pauses at Principle Seven and asks the reader to create an Alchemy Box.  

I started working on the box over a month ago and have only recently finished it.  Creating the box gave me time to process all the work I had done in the preceding chapters.  It allowed me to clarify and redefine my dreams by translating them into a physical medium. 

The outside of the box was relatively easy but the inside was more involved.  I wanted to be sure I represented what mattered to me most.  One side of the box depicted my family, while the others focused on Spirit, my life path and my love of animals.  The bottom highlighted my desire to develop my mediumship and psychic abilities and my desire to one day write a book filled with spiritual light.  I decorated the box, both inside and out, with butterflies and hearts to remind myself of the power of transformation and love.

At the beginning of the Alchemy Box project I had an amazing and highly insightful astrology reading by transpersonal astrologer Anna Swora.  The reading (addressed next post) validated and clarified much of what I was struggling with and provided meaningful direction.  It became part of the project and part of my path.

Midway through the alchemy project, I read Janet Conner's book "Writing Down Your Soul" and began doing the work the author described. And what amazing work it was. It too became part of my path.

My Alchemy Box is complete now.  It sits on my bookshelf beneath a small statue of Saraswati, Hindu Goddess of wisdom, and is made up of images which represent what I value most: my family, my path in Spirit and the book I am just beginning to research.

I say research, not write, because I have decided that this year, from birthday to birthday, is a year for learning, growing, researching, investigating, healing and transformation.  Understanding and accepting this is a huge personal leap in the right direction for me.

Working with "Your Heart's Desire," several incredible tarot readings from my dear friend Tara Miller, Anna Swora's insightful astrology reading, my experiences at the Spirit Sanctuary and the Journey Within, my own spirit guides and Janet Conner's suggestions for deep soul writing have each played a part in helping me come to this understanding. 

The book will get written.  The blog will continue.  What part the radio show and my metaphysical group will play is still undecided.  But wherever I'm going, I feel quite sure that mediumship will be a part of it. A full roster of courses and workshops and circles on that topic await and I could not be more excited.  There are so many new things to learn!

My Alchemy Box complete, I went on to "Your Heart's Desire" Principle Eight ("claim your dream") vowing to stop saying that I lack confidence and instead say that I am becoming more and more confident every day.  And this is indeed the case.

I then embraced Principle Nine: "Don't give up" and I feel quite sure that I won't.  Defining my dream took time.  And Choquette couldn't have been more accurate in saying that we really want may come as a surprise.

I had begun the "Your Heart's Desire" process hoping to jump start the book.  Instead I found that what is happening right now for me both spiritually and personally is just where I need to be.

As Choquette says, "the reality is that you never really very far from your heart's desire if only you will step aside and allow your soul to deliver it back to you."

I could not agree more.

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