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Writing Down Your Soul
I recently listened to "Writing Down Your Soul" by Janet Conner and ordered the hard copy the minute I finished the audio.  While I waited for the book to arrive I began the process Conner suggests - writing a letter to Spirit, every day, in a rapid fire stream of consciousness narrative which has already begun to change things.

Keep in mind that this is not my first attempt at journaling.  I have journaled in fits and starts since I was child, filling some journals and abandoning others anywhere from halfway to only a few pages in.

I knew, or thought I knew, why I gave up so often.  I did not like the look of my speed script and my neat handwriting made my fingers cramp.  I had no time to write.  I hated hearing myself complain.  But there was another reason as well.

Writing begs an audience.  Even if that audience is only a potentiality (as in the early days of this blog or the writing of a manuscript), it is nonetheless part of the equation.  For me, writing to Spirit is the missing piece in journaling.

Following Conner's process - I set a time and place, set an intention, a salutation (Dear Spirit), devised a very simple ritual modeled off the author's own ritual - and wrote.  My first entry on August 27th was about writing, developing mediumship and creativity. My next was about my family.  I wasn't sure if I was getting guidance but I was developing a certain clarity and I enjoyed the process.

Soon, I found myself talking about money and the unrented rental property which I can't afford to heat unless I find a tenant. I had read how Conner had asked Spirit for help with bills and money and other ordinary things and getting exactly what she needed. But I was not convinced.

Even though I do manifestation work and believe in the potential return upon my energy and intent, I rarely directly ask spirit for physical results or any sort of item.  Instead I ask for signs and insight and spiritual growth and empowerment and things that seem to be made of the same stuff as spirit.  

To me, this makes sense. And it is reinforced by the observation asking God for things is not the same as getting them.  And because I find a belief in the idea that God can, or will, give anyone anything inconsistent with the free will of others and the physicality of our experience her upon the earth plane.

I will allow however that such help is possible and may be arranged when it is instrumental to one's life path and consistent with the greater good.

And, since it occurred to me that renting the house next door and wrapping up the remodeling would create a bit of space which  I could devote to things I believe Spirit would like to see me do, I decided to ask for real-world 3D help. In my journal, I asked Spirit to please find a tenant and to help us finish the remodeling.  

Later that evening a young coupled knocked on the door and said they'd like to rent the house and offered to help finish the painting and cleaning if we needed help.  And when I said yes, they started working and haven't stopped.  The are nice and dependable and I know their relatives.  For me, this synchronicity is a very direct validation of Conner's process.

"Writing Down Your Soul" is about more than getting things, of course.  In the thirteen days since I began the following the author's suggestions, I have gotten ideas for my manuscript, insight on issues and blockages and some very valuable life path illumination.  I expect that the print copy will help me incorporate more of Conner's ideas into this incredible practice!

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