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I am thrilled to announce that I am going to be participating in Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course and couldn't be happier! 

This course, like the wonderful John Holland and Doreen Virtue courses I have blogged and talked about in the past, is offered through Hayhouse which is a fantastic resource for spiritual and New Age books, decks and some truly amazing classes.

I'm especially exited about Denise Linn's course because I feel quite strongly that it will provide me with the tools I need to help clients and callers along the course of their own soul path. And this is the way I love to read.

The Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course  airs weekly for eight weeks.  Students are given the option of listening live, via MP3 download or in their Hayhouse account.  

The course began with an introductory session airing on October 16th.  Lesson One followed on the 21st. So I will be listening to both those episodes prior to Monday's class which is going to make for a lovely rest of the week and weekend!  I will also be ordering Denise's Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards which I have been interested in for some time.

I will be talking about Soul Coaching® here in this blog, as well as on the November 3rd episode of my Accessing Spirit (airing every Sunday at 8PM on The Spirit Radio Network).  As the weeks pass, I'll share a bit of what I'm learning and began to incorporate what I'm learning into my live on-air Accessing Spirit angel and oracle card readings.

Become an oracle card reader!  This online certification course gives you the tools that you need to become a clear channel for readings.

In this transformational online certification course, acclaimed healer, author, and teacher Denise Linn, creator of the Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Deck, shares her wealth of expertise on tapping into your inner wisdom so you can activate your intuition and gain the inner tools that you need to explore and expand your oracle card reading skills. She'll even give you tips and insight on setting up your practice as a professional oracle card reader.

Over your eight lessons with Denise, you will:
  • Activate your “Inner Oracle”.
  • Learn your connection with ancient oracles in the far past.
  • Understand why you, as an oracle reader, are needed at this time in history.
  • Clear inner blockages that have come from your past lives to become a clearer oracle.
  • Discover how to powerfully clear your aura for more accurate readings.
  • Learn methods to clear, attune, and energize your cards.
  •  Discover how to use cards for remarkable daily insights.
  • Find out how to call guides from Spirit to empower your reading. 
Denise also shares her special expertise as a world-respected coach and workshop leader to help you build your own successful oracle card reading practice. Your clients will be exhilarated as they find the truth buried within themselves to the deep questions of their lives. 
I am so excited about this course!

To participate in The Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course and receive your Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification please register through Hayhouse here. For more on Denise Linn please check out her lovely website at

To learn more about The Spirit Radio Network and the "Accessing Spirit" radio show please check out the following post: Video Intro to the New Spirit Radio Network + Angel Card Reading For All.

And please check back for updates on this wonderful new adventure :)

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