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It explains how whistle blowers who try to warn the public about cruelty at factory farms are subject to criminal charges in several states (and legislation is pending in many others - including my home state of Pennsylvania).  As a lightworker who truly believes that most of us would chose good, if we understood what is at stake, I am concerned that this legislation takes away other's opportunity to make an informed choice.

IMO the best way to not participate in cruelty is to not consume animal products but if you're not there yet (and I wasn't for many years either) this should greatly concern you, as well.  Not only does the prosecution of whistle blowers take away tmakehe right of the individual to understand the true nature of the choices they  but jeopardizes the health of anyone who consumes these products.  It has been clearly shown that practices such as these go hand in hand with unsanitary conditions and disease!

Butterball turkeys are routinely beaten, kicked  and otherwise mistreated.  All to often, the only people prosecuted for this abuse are those who risk their liberty to take pictures like this.

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