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As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I am still (at the tender age of 56) defining my life path.  This reading represents my recent quest regarding the direction I'm going in now: writing, mediumship and angel card readings.  Lots of synchronicities with these cards.  And a good demonstration of the way I read as well.

One of the things I love about oracle cards is the combination of messages and imagery. It allows me to read any given card literally, symbolically and / or intuitively and this reading is a good example of that.

The top card represents the essence of the situation (or what the question really is) shows an angel apparently waiting in an airport, working on his laptop.  The label of Travel doesn't resonate with me on a literal level for this question.  The symbolism of a journey does however and odds are at some level, computers (I have a laptop) will be involved.

Literal cards are present: Author, School (I'm going to a mediumship workshop this weekend) and Oracle Cards.  The middle line of the reading focuses on creativity and manifestation.  The trust card works on both a literal level (I need to trust spirit AND myself) and intuitively.  The girl looking into the sphere reminds me of psychic development and mediumship.  Time to Decide echoes this imagery.

For me oracle cards have multi-layered meanings allowing for a great depth of interpretation.  I take pictures of my readings so that I can look at them over time and each time I do, I get more out of most readings every time I look at the cards.

The Career Change card for example shows an angel in the light and suggests the sharing of spiritual light.  The scale shown Options cards hints at the need for balance and the possibility of balancing multiple endeavors.

The strong blues in Career Change, Heart's Desire and Time to Decide are meaningful to me.  I consider this my shade of blue and it represents communication and self expression.  And all of the messages even if I can't take them all on a literal level.  I especially like the Light & Love message: "Your purpose is to bring Divine healing light and love to this world!"

*Deck pictured is Doreen Virtue's Life Purpose Oracle Cards  One of my many favorites in Doreen's beautiful decks!

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