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I attend a weekly Spirit Circle at The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary in Effort PA.  The circle is run by Spiritualist medium Gloria Weichand and meets every Thursday night.  

Most Thursdays we work on psychic development and mediumship through a series of well thought out exercises and group meditations.  Last week, however, Gloria arranged for a special pre-Halloween event - a traditional, old fashioned seance.

The word séance comes from the French word for "seat," "session" or "sitting."  In French the word is often used in a general and literal sense.  In English, however, it is associated specifically with a gathering for the purpose of receiving messages from spirit.  

Seances are commonly associated with Spiritualism and were very much in vogue in the late 1800s into the first part of the twentieth century.  Participants generally sit in a darkened room with their hands on the table or linked.  A single medium may be charged with delivering messages or the group may be focused on objective, physical manifestations of spirit.

The seance at The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary was packed.  So packed that we had to abandon the long table Gloria had set and form a circle around the outer edges of the large room in which the sanctuary is located.  Gloria designated eight of us (including myself) to act as mediums and bring forth spirit messages.

We had each come with a name and personal item belonging to a loved one in spirit.  These items were placed in a basket and Gloria selected half a dozen items for us to read on.  My own item, a book of Byron's poetry belonging to my maternal grandmother, was chosen. 

Some strong and highly evidential information from spirit followed.  Spirit was given a voice.  The grieving were reassured.  Healing occurred.  And I was impressed, as always, by Gloria's accuracy as well as that of my fellow mediums.  I was unsure however, as I often am, and contributed only once, when the prodding from spirit was too strong to ignore.

What I did notice however were the many synchronicities between the images and messages I received (but didn't voice) and the information given by other readers, as well as those being read.  When I thought 'breast cancer,' for example, Gloria said it.  When the right side of my head tingled the sitter said 'stroke.'  When I inappropriately thought of cupcakes I found that the person being read had indeed brought us (all of us) the coolest little witch cupcakes ever made.

Was I "right" all of the time?  Absolutely not. Was I "right" most of the time?  I can't say - because my insecurities kept me from speaking up.  But I will say that this, like most Spirit Circles I have attended at Gloria's, was a fantastic learning experience.

Driving home, my friends and I compared notes.  And I found that at least two had experienced the same sort of synchroncities I had.  The seance, as it turned out, had been a confidence building exercise for all of us.  This, in my experience, is how spirit works - on multiple levels all at the same time and every time I encounter this attribute of our invisible reality I find myself in awe.

And my hope is that tonight - on this vigil for the souls, as well as for the saints - we may all be reminded of the many levels of spirit above and below the costumes and revelry.  And that we might all take a moment to reflect upon the incredible multi-dimensionality of spirit as demonstrated by the energy of our loved ones beyond.

Seance attendees at The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary.  I am on right way in back (bright blue shirt).  Also, I'm not really three feet tall, just something off with the angle of the camera!

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