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"Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow" by Sonia Choquette is a highly interactive approach to spiritual transformation.  It is not a book that can be merely read, considered and set aside but one that engages the reader and facilitates change.  

Like much of Choquette's work, a certain level of commitment is required.  And that is one, of several, things which sets this author's work apart.

Sonia Choquette believes in an experiential approach to spirit.  Transformation is not, by her method, a passive affair but rather one that results from a regular and vibrant spiritual practice.  And I could not agree with her more.

In this volume, an expanded and revised version of Choquette's "The Power of Your Spirit," the author asks for our participation in the process of transformation.  This includes a 40 day focus on the material through journaling and daily rituals and practices which range from sitting in the silence to exercises in expression.  

Additionally, each chapter includes insightful and compelling questions which facilitate the journaling process and encourage meaningful life path exploration. 

"Tune In" provides four clear-cut steps designed to help the reader transcend ego and enthusiastically embrace an intuitive, spirit driven life.  Choquette calls these steps Waking Up, Digging Deep, Taking the Leap and Entering the Flow and pairs each with motivating real-life illustrations from the author's professional practice.  

I found the case studies to be both relevant to the material and a fascinating window into the way Choquette works with her own real life clients though this might not be equally appealing to all readers. 

In summary I found "Tune In" to be an engaging, highly workable approach to spiritual transformation.  I feel I gained a great deal both from Choquette's wisdom and a journaling process which better enabled me to tap into the wisdom of my own soul.

And while I have still not set up the altar the author suggests I have definitely put it on my own spiritual to-do list!

Please note:  I have received this book free from Hayhouse for review purposes.

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