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Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification Course, which I am currently undertaking, is not a course of passive participation.  Instead it is one which I have become actively immersed in. 

Lessons one and two lay the groundwork through a thorough discussion of oracles, oracle reading, attunement, clearing and creating sacred space.  Denise offers incredible insights on all of these topics, as well as many soulfully beautiful guided meditations.

In one of my favorite meditations we, as the oracles, meet in the magical healing temples of ancient Greece.

The accompanying Oracle Card Certification Course Workbook expands upon the audio and is a lovely and comprehensive compliment to the lessons.  I know that I'll return to again and again.  And one of the session two sections has made quite an impression.

The session two (Clearing the Channel) workbook material includes an in depth past life questionnaire and while it took some time I have just recently finished it.  

The questionnaire is detailed.  It asks about childhood games, fantasies, dreams, abilities, interests, ancestors, ailments, traits and a great deal more.  And it does so in such a way that I found myself discovering patterns and connections I have not previously seen.

What impressed me the most were the strength and tenacity of my associations with the western European middle ages.  I recalled my favorite childhood movie (The Warlords), my love of horses, the first Queen Elizabeth, big colored glass costume jewelry, needlework and castles - to name a few.

I considered my inexplicable early familiarity with French and my odd conviction that I understood French Canadian when I was small.  I thought about many of my seemingly inborn positive and negative character traits in an entirely new context.  I remembered Romeo and Juliette, discovering Cecelia Holland - reading The Firedrake repeatedly and then moving on to everything she had ever written and everything I could find on Matilda and William.  And then I recalled my very first vision.

The vision occurred in the mid seventies when I was a freshman in college.  I had just bought Atem by Tangerine Dream (a band I had never heard of) because the cover and title reminded me of a very unusual dream I had a few months before.

Listening to that album late that night in my dorm room I had a moving and very detailed vision of forests and hills and what seemed to be sacrifice.  It was unsettling but I was very clear on what I had been shown.  Somehow I knew that this dream was about the Druids - a group I knew almost nothing about.  A few days later I wrote my first piece of fantasy fiction.

My interest in the middle ages continued into adulthood, focusing on very narrow windows of time.  But I had other historical interests as well.  The questionnaire uncovered connections between childhood and adulthood in these instances too.  

What was especially interesting to me was that in all of these cases, my interests were not continuous but had been set aside for long periods of time.  As a child I played temple and talked about Isis.  As an adult I read about Egypt, found myself fascinated by Egyptian art and have discovered a guide hailing from the time of the Pharaohs. 

As a child I imagined a place very like Greece.  As an adult, I  explored the culture of ancient Greece, felt drawn to the ocean and embraced a guide from that era and culture. And when Denise guided us through our own past life oracle meditation, I knew there was a connection!

Matilda of England
As a child I dreamed about castles, had a knight as an invisible friend, loved all things Arthurian,  and sent a deceased amphibian off for a true (but not completely successful) viking burial.  As an adult I studied the Norman invasion, Carcassone and the Eddas, loved Celtic music, found myself with two medieval guides, and readily forgave Braveheart all of it's historical inaccuracies.

And there is more.  Other times, other resonances.  My childhood interest in the west, my adolescent dream of moving to California, my affinity for Catholicism, Judaism and all things Atlantean.  But I have to say that I had little appreciation of any of it until I worked my way through the Soul Coaching® questionnaire.

Also - I found many of the connections I had made resonant with my research into my own family tree (also addressed in the questionnaire) as well as with my growing understanding of my own spirit guides.  And this was something I hadn't really considered before.

So how does all of this relate to my spiritual journey and my desire to realize my path through writing, art, mediumship, and oracle reading?  

I'm not completely sure but I can clearly see that each of those interests was firmly in place quite early on - and that many of my most stubborn conflicts were right there beside them.  This, I suspect, is something I will be coming back to.  It is what Denise Linn calls 'clearing the channel' and it is essential.

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