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This spread above asks Spirit: "Should I pursue a full time spiritually based business (oracle readings, spiritual book creation and mediumship) in addition to my work with the radio show and blog AND - this is important - should I do this in place of my current (non-spiritual) work?"  And I received my answer loud and clear!

The post that follows explains how I find my answers in oracle card readings through reflection, symbolism and stream of consciousness association.  I hope that other oracle readers will find something they can apply in their own practice!

In this reading, I use a combination of decks including Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching Oracle Cards," John Holland's "The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards" and Doreen Virtue's "Messages from Your Angels" and Angel Therapy Oracle decks.  Holland's deck is a brand new.  I will be reviewing it (and Linn's deck) in the coming weeks.  So far I like both.  All decks pictured are Hayhouse decks which means that they are all the same size, have great color, are printed on very nice card stock and combine quite well in a spread.

I read in a very fluid way, asking additional questions as I pull cards.  The first four (Soul Coaching) cards address the main "should I" question, the lower three speak to the process and potential.  The two outer lower oracle cards on each side of the spread provide additional info.  The card in the upper left is my card of the day (the card I am attuning to as homework for Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course),  And the card in the upper right is from Holland's deck and as a tarot card the card I chose as most predictive in this reading.  I also pulled a second card from this deck (below) to move a bit further into the possibility of future.

Now for the reading!

Core issue (above) "Soul Coaching Oracle Cards": 'Should I pursue a full time spiritually based business (oracle readings, spiritual book and mediumship) in addition to my work with the radio show and blog?"  Card one 'Wisdom' represents movement in the right direction.  The list reminds me of my own manifestation list :) or possibly my own akashic mandate.  

The 'Transformation' card shows the change I am undertaking and includes the wonderful validation of a blue butterfly which is my own personal symbol of change. The 'Energy' card indicates creative energy as a result of this transformation and reminds me (sun in Leo me) that creativity is both my spark and my identity (significance of the Sun in Astrology.  The 'Light' card in the result position suggests that assuming this identity (sun) I can share my light (light raised for all to see) with others.  The ladder suggests that I will raise my own vibration as well.

Additionally the colors which predominate this spread - shades of blue and red - echo the colors in my own most important (to date) spiritual dream and the colors I was given in my spiritual assessment reading by British medium Colin Bates.  Check back for my post on this reading later this month.

In the process to goal grouping (above) I again used Linn's "Soul Coaching Oracle Cards;" this is the 'how' and, quite often, the 'why' of the reading.  And I loved that the first card here is "Opening.," as well as the message/affirmation it offers: 'I am open to receiving the gifts of the universe.' This card is in the position of 'gateway card' which is to say that this is the place I must pass through in order to get to my goal.  It is also a card which can indicate a significant blockage.  And this is indeed the case.  Believing I am worthy of Spirit's favor is a huge issue for me.  That this card is pink suggests the important of self love.  It also represents the 'sitting in the power' meditations I learned at Colin's wonderful workshop (Mediumship & Mysticism) which had my heart chakra buzzing for days.  Because of this it is clear to me that the essential part of this process is my spiritual practice of sitting in the power each and every day.

The 'Beginnings' card tells me that this is a new cycle and that this implies the need to let go of the old and embrace what is coming.  The 'Radiance' card tells me what is possible through the process.  In  the 'Light' card in the first grouping, we see a person reaching or at the very least striving to place their light in the sky.  In 'Radiance' we see that light internalized and shining forth - a beacon over the waves below.  I consider this to be very encouraging.  Also I love the simplicity and clarity of these cards!

Predictive (mundane) considerations (above) are illustrated through two cards drawn from Holland's "The Psychic Tarot Oracle" deck.  Both are from the suit Holland calls 'Physical' (pentacles in traditional tarot).  This suit relates to issues of finance, prosperity and material gain or loss.  I drew the eight which indicates positive forward movement and, in traditional decks, application and dedication and the six - material & spiritual prosperity (plenty and charity in other decks).  I love that he has included water in both of these cards.  In the eight the journey by boat into a rising sun speaks of possibility, discovery and positive change.  In the six yet another sun (very much a theme in the reading as a whole), trees for stability, fountains for plenty and land suggest all that can be achieved.  Great indicators, IMO, for a change in career.

The next four cards (above and below) from Virtue's "Messages from Your Angels" and Angel Therapy Oracle Cards decks highlight important aspects of this issue and suggest  angelic energies which may be utilized.  Archangel Michael is associated with protection, guidance and clearing. While Archangel Sandalphon is known as the angel who carries prayers to God.  To me this means that prayer and clearing work are significant here and that I should continue or even step up my daily letter to spirit and chakra clearing meditation.  

Additionally, the Michael, Sandalphon and 'Focus on Service' cards each display a palette of deep indigo blue, sky blue (my two primary blues) and violet (divinity) which stress the importance of the partnership between myself and spirit.  Following my most recent workshop, the need for this partnership came as an intense revelation to me.  The cup in the 'Gifts from God'' card reminds me the 23rd Psalm - the prayer I said and meditated on during this revelation and a prayer which to me represents the ultimate partnership between the individual and the divine.

The 'Focus on Service' card and the 'Vanessa' card echo the same message.  Namely that this question is not so much about me as it is about my path and the task I have been given (sharing my light) with others.  And I must follow the advice of the Vanessa (heart chakra green card) and ask, 'Which way brings me closer to my divine purpose?"  

The last card for this reading from "Soul Coaching Oracle Cards" is pictured below.  I did not actually draw it for the reading but it was the card of the day for my Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course and this is not insignificant.  It shows my most powerful blue (the one which overtook me during meditation) and one heart chakra green hand reaching out to the other.  Not only is this card true blue communication, however, the light green on the upper hand is specific to new growth - and frequently spiritual growth.  In other words, the loving energy of this communication gives others a spiritual 'hand up' and grows all souls involved!

I hope that this article is helpful to other oracle card readers.  To me a good soul centered oracle card reading is not just about the cards.  It is about the associations, synchroncities, and resonance Spirit provides. The full appreciation of multiple levels in a reading like this takes time but, to me, the insight this kind of attention brings is well worth the effort.

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