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Questions in any form of divination are of vital importance.  Ask the right question you receive useful even transformational advice.  Ask the wrong one and you give your power away.  

This week's assignment in my ongoing Denise Linn Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course was to come up with ten empowering oracle reading questions.  Here is my list!

1.      What do I need to know about the day that is before me?
2.      What is interfering with my progress or blocking me from achieving my goals?
3.       What can I do to overcome this blockage?
4.      What is the best next step I can take toward manifesting my life mission?
5.      How can I best express my life mission?
6.    What do I most need to understand about my family or relationships?
7.      What ability do I most need to develop?
8.      What do I most need to understand about my own spiritual gifts?
9.      How can I begin to attract greater abundance into my life?
10.  What do my angels and guides most want to share with me?

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