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I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving.  I know that for many people this is a day of appreciation for all they have been given.  And I celebrate this as well.

Underlying my celebration however, is the knowledge that this is a day dedicated to the mistreatment and suffering of innocent animals.

It saddens me that otherwise nice people allow themselves to support the meat and dairy industry and all of the cruelty and anguish that support entails.  And it saddens me that I used to support it, as well.

But while my own complicity saddens me, it also gives me great hope.  Because I know that if one of us can change, we can all change.
This change, as I see it, goes hand in hand with our evolution in spirit.  If we wish to evolve, we must allow ourselves to become more than we were before.

Next year at this time, bless us with more.  Bless us with greater compassion.  Bless us with a greater sense of accountability.  Bless us with whatever measure of courage is sufficient to let to us face what is, and not turn away.

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