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Tonight marked the last class in Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading course.  And I have learned so much!  Past lives, meditation, sanctifying space, oracle card reading, oracle deck creation, spreads, centering, spirit guides, and more!  I feel so fortunate to have been a part.

I made some great new friends along the way and reconnected with some old ones. I've added many facebook friends and had some wonderful conversations via Skype and email.  This has been my experience with all the Hayhouse courses I have taken.  Some of these friendships have been long lasting.

I met my friend Shirley Chase in my very first Hayhouse course.  We paired up to do readings during Doreen Virtue's Angel Card Certification course, progressed through John Holland's Learn to Connect to the Spirit World course and took Denise Linn's Oracle Card course together too.  

When I discovered clairvoyant, author and teacher Debra Katz's online courses, ​I shared my excitement (and Debra's very helpful online community Seventh Sight) with Shirley.  And I'm very happy to announce that will be taking our fourth online course together - Distant Clairvoyant Training - in January!

Shirley and I take other courses in addition to those we share online.  She travels from Canada to California and Sedona to take face to face courses from teachers like Doreen Virtue and Lisa Williams.  I travel in a smaller radius.  One hundred miles to the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ or an even shorter drive to attend a weekly Spiritualist circle in the nearby Pocono Mountains.  

While it would be lovely to travel, I do consider myself lucky to live in relatively close proximity to such amazing resources.  And I'm thankful to to the internet classes and resources which make learning so very accessible, as well.  I am so appreciative of it all that I sometimes must remind myself that the underlying source is Spirit.  

I feel quite strongly that Spirit has led me to this place and has oh so graciously giving me the opportunity to learn -  in so many different and exciting ways.  But I sometimes find it hard to keep up my end of it.  In October in my "Partnering With the Power" post I wrote:
I drove home sorting through the things I had to do.  I had to stop moving my meditations from room to room and find a place for daily practice.  I had to firmly anchor that practice in the power. I had to take what I had learned into the spirit circle I attend.  I had to continue to take workshops.  To explore Spiritualism.  To study.  I also knew that I had to address my own issues.  I had to work on my need for approval, my lack of confidence, my own desire to be the best, my tendency to quit whenever I did poorly.  But more important than all of that, I knew that I had to do that work one on one with spirit.  And I knew that if I sat in the power long enough I would change.                                   
But the truth is I have not done that yet, or at least not done it to the degree that I intended, and it occurs to me that by putting myself last on my list of obligations, I put Spirit there as well. This will need to change.  As of this weekend my office will be done - actually is done, minus the door.  My meditation chair is here and I won't be moving it, with luck, ever again.  It's time to claim the space and establish a solid routine of spiritual practice.

Last year at this time, I was praying for guidance and direction and in many ways that prayer has been answered.  Tonight I am praying for focus and dedication.  I have no doubt that I'll receive it.

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