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On Tuesday  night I had a dream.  I had given my son $20 for the lottery and he bought a ticket.  This ticket won him / us close to three million dream dollars.  

The dream was of interest to me because I had, in fact, been talking to Spirit about money the night before.  This is something I don't do often but it is the time of year for giving and my ability to do that isn't what it used to be.

So because I had been asking and because I have received communication from Spirit via dreams before, I decided to give my son the $20 and send him across the street to buy a ticket.  Which brings me, and my entire family, to an interesting point.  

Winning the lottery is of course unlikely but I have been giving it some thought.  If we won by virtue of a spiritual directive what then?  We would, of course, have to ask ourselves why our holiday prayer was honored when so many other equally deserving prayers  were not.  If we were to lose, we would be left to wonder about the authenticity of the message and maybe even the messenger as well.

These are in essence, very old issues.  Ever since I was young, I've wondered why an all powerful God was not a nicer God. I was, then and now, a huge and often vocal proponent of fair play and it bothered me that God was so apparently unfair.  

As an adult that changed however and when my oldest son was seriously disabled by an accident, I felt quite sure that Spirit had had no hand in it.  To me, this event was the result of the simple intersection of poorly conceived free will choices.  And I still feel that this is something which can happen to any of us at any time.

Beneath this manifest world, multiple energies are forever competing.  My will, your will, my need, your desire, the energetic assistance of our higher selves and guides - all vying for the same tantalizing prize. Yes, everything is possible here. But nothing is guaranteed.  And this is as true of our safe passage through life as it of windfalls.

But do I believe my prayer was heard?  Yes, I do. Do I think the message I received was authentically from Spirit? Yes, again.  Do I think that I will win tonight's lottery drawing?  I have no idea.  Given the uncertain nature of any outcome here upon the earth plane, was it a mistake to share this message with my family?  I think not.

For me, tonight's drawing cannot invalidate the message I received and I hope that my family will see it that way, too.  I believe that Spirit is there for me and I believe Spirit helps as able.  Win or lose, I will keep asking for that help.  And, win or lose, I will believe in the result.

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  1. Updating on our winnings. Less than we have spent. But I do think I will invest another $20 next month and the month after that. This dream was perhaps just a dream, born of worry, but if my team is working on the lottery, I would like to do my part :)


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