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The beautiful song now called "What Child is This" may be counted among some of our oldest Christmas melodies.  Set to the music of an Elizabethan or earlier medieval tune called Greensleeves, "What Child is This" has stood the test of time. And this is no surprise.

This song with its haunting medieval melody reminds us of a time, hundreds of years before television or electric lights, when the greenery that graced the halls and the bonfires lit without were the only visible promise of continuation of life and the return of the warmer seasons.

What's fascinating to me is that this song has something in common with many of our other holiday traditions and that is its great age.  Even more interesting -  many of the traditions we celebrate today are even older.

To me, this says something about the spirit of things and what is truly resonant to us as a people.  There is something about this holiday, something about the celebration of the light and the potentiality of a new season and a new year which goes beyond the specifics of any religion and speaks to the heart of our experience here in this world of form. 

Please enjoy the following renditions of this haunting melody: a recreation of the original medieval melody by Anonymous, a lovely contemporary version by Martina McBride and a new interpretation by violinist Lindsay Stirling which somehow harkens back to the spirit of the original.

Wishing you love and light in this holiday season <3


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