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A Childhood Dream by Yusuf Artun
I'm currently reading "Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom " by author, teacher and active dreamer Robert Moss while at the same time listening to his audio book "Dream Gates."  Why both at once?  Because I am captivated by the material and the audio book allows me to listen even when I'm working on the house, which is how I spend a large chunk of my time!

It's my belief that, in spirit, timing is everything and this has been the case for me with Moss's work on a couple of levels.  I read  his beautiful and comprehensive 1996 book "Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life" some time ago.

Then, as now, I was impressed by the author's wonderful knack for storytelling and the deep yet lyrical  content he shared.  But I ignored what was perhaps the most important part of the book - the instruction on how to have your own compelling dream experiences.  

I have changed however in the last couple of years.  My pursuit of spirit is now highly experiential.  And so the techniques described in "Active Dreaming" began to work for me almost immediately.  

I  have always been an erratic but nonetheless active dreamer with several very compelling dreams to my credit.  Having said that, I haven't been recalling many dreams lately and those I do remember are brief and fragmented.  So I was quite interested to find "Five Ways to End a Dream Drought" very near the beginning of "Active Dreaming."  Applying the advice given on dream incubation I posed an important life path question last Sunday night.  "What should I do?" I wrote down in my dream journal just before I fell asleep, as in what should I do in a life mission sense.  My answer was a dream I did not particularly want - but I remembered it anyway.  

In the dream, myself and a friend were delivering holiday care packages of decorative dog biscuits to domestic dogs in need.  We entered one home to find a neglected but friendly Labrador Retriever locked up in an undersized kennel.  The owners were at work or away and the dog was lonely and hungry.  We petted and talked to him and gave him some of the biscuits from our package.  We left the remainder of the basket on the kitchen counter with a note for the owners.  In the note we asked them to please give their pet better care on all levels and reminded them that strangers should not need to come in and do this for them.  Writing the note was quite emotional for me and I felt a great sense of frustration in knowing that we could not legally take the dog away.

I wrote my dream down in my dream journal when I woke up.  And, to be honest, I was not thrilled with it.  In fact, it was not the sort of dream I wanted at all.  I wanted a dream about writing or mediumship or direct communication with spirit.  Not that I don't love animals - I do.  I'm almost entirely vegan (though I do very occasionally consume food with trace amounts of dairy).  My  entire family is vegetarian and only very rarely consume any dairy at all.  I donate to animal charities as I am able.  I sign petitions whenever they seem to have merit.  Our dog is a rescue of sorts and one of the reasons we adopted our cat was because his prospects were poor.  Additionally - I write as many highly impassioned blog post on animals rights as I feel a New Age focused blog will allow.  

I don't want to be an activist however and I don't want to dedicate a book to animal rights.  Not that either of these things are bad things.  They are just not part of my plan and as proof of this plan I have another very important dream to back me.  One that was all about spirit and reaching the other side and returning to share that - with people.

But I do admit that I find the plight of animal moving.  So much so that a friend once asked me if I cared more for animals rights than I did for those of human beings.  I answered correctly, I think, that it was not a matter of more or less but that - even though human rights violations exist world wide - the awareness that humans do indeed have rights is mostly acknowledged in most places at this point in time.  Animal rights on the other hand, (particularly of those animals who are tortured to provide us with meat and milk) are not even on the radar of huge numbers of apparently good, even spiritual, people.  This to me is a very serious problem.

ASPCA Worker Rescues Puppy Mill Puppy
As I talked to my friend, however, I knew that there was more to it than this.  He wasn't wrong.  The plight of animals did affect me to a far greater degree than it did most.  And right there in the middle of our conversation it occurred to me that the things we sent here to do are supposed to move us.  I saw clearly that this incredible passion,  this emotional cord which is so easily struck, is nothing less than a sign from our own sacred guiding light - our soul.  

In the wake of this realization, I had thought a bit about my online promotion of animals rights.  It did not seem like much of a contribution.  I wondering if my soul might want more than facebook petitions and blog entries and then I reminded myself that I was not cut out for activism - real out in the world activism anyway. My experience of putting myself out there in the fight against fracking had been disappointing and a little destabilizing.  And it was not something I felt eager to experience again. 

A few weeks after I talked to my friend, however, I was hit on the head with the issue a second time when my middle boy asked me, why I didn't care about animals enough to volunteer to improve their condition.  Having already thought about it,I had a ready answer and it was easy to tell him that I was not particularly well suited to activism.  But even as I said it, I knew it was a weak answer and it felt weak and it hung at the kitchen table between us for sometime before we could forget just how weak it was.

Sunday's dream, the one I had asked for but not been especially happy to receive, brought all of that back.  It occurred to me that this dream (since I had after all asked) could well be the answer to my question about my life path but I had no intention of accepting an answer I didn't want without a fight.  I decided that the  dream could well be a simple coincidence and that if it was not coincidental  it should stand up to a test.   

On Monday night, I tried again.  I asked "Where is my path in Spirit leading?"  And then counting my son's question as a possible first sign and the dream of the previous night as a second, I said something I suspected I might regret.  "If you give me a third sign, I'll do it."

My dream that night was simple but clear.  In it, I saw the work "animals" spelled out against a dark field in bright blue light bulbs.  I woke up sometime before dawn and wrote the dream down.  Later on in the kitchen I told it to my son.  He laughed.  "So you asked for a sign," he said, "and you literally got one?"  "Yes," I said feeling a little annoyed.  "I guess that I did."

I realized that, in the true nature of true spiritual sign, this one could be looked from more than one angle. Blue is my color - the one that I sought and was shown in the amazing dream of spirit that changed the entire trajectory of my life.  I find blue symbolic of communication and spirit and the messages given to me by my guides.  The other elements felt symbolic as well.  Light is a word I use for the work we do here.  For want of a better understanding, it is the stuff of spirit and the spark that makes us who we are.   Animals touch my soul and move me to tears.  And the single word answer, like every other answer spirit has ever given me, is not a full answer.  Instead it is just the next step.  But I have learned that this step - our next one - is fundamentally and eternally the most important step we can take.  

Is it my mission to be an activist or to write about animal rights?  Is it a merely a part of mission?  A task on the list?  A piece of my karma?  Or is it what I have been sent here to do?

I can't answer those questions but I can make the call.  By the end of the week, I will find out what I can do to volunteer.  This is the next step on my path for reasons I don't quite understand.  I don't know where it will take me and I don't know how far.  But it is the step, as I am given it, and there is one thing I know for sure:  We take the steps spirit gives us one by one, yard by yard and mile by mile until we end up just exactly where we need to be.

Wishing everyone clarity and the clear guidance of spirit in the coming year.

Love & Light,

To read about Moss's Five Ways to Break a Dream Drought please check out my next post!

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