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Join me in our most recent episode of "Spirit Talk" as I discuss Debra Lynne Katz's "You Are Psychic," my own psychic experiences and what's coming up on "Spirit Talk" in February!

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What's new on Spirit Talk:

As of Wednesday February 5th "Spirit Talk" will move to it's new time 8PM ET / 5 PM PT.  Please join us every Wednesday evening for discussion, reviews, oracle card readings, featured episodes and some very special guests! 

On Wednesday March 5th meet clairvoyant, author and teacher Debra Lynn Katz! on "Spirit Talk" at Debra is the founder and Director of the International School of Clairvoyance, author of three amazing books ("You Are Psychic," "Extraordinary Psychic" & "Freeing the Genie Within"), professional clairvoyant and former host of the television show "Psychic Explorer." 

Debra's approach to psychic development focuses on clairvoyance and she believes whole-heartedly that anyone can develop clairvoyant ability.  Please join us as we talk about psychic images and training, meditative practices to increase clairvoyance, clairvoyant manifestation and healing and how you can develop this potentially transformational psychic skill!

You can learn more about Debra's books and methods in the most recent episode of "Spirit Talk" (via the player at the top of the page) or by reading my review of her wonderful book "You Are Psychic" in the following post:  "You Are Psychic by Debra Lynne Katz: Clairvoyant Training for Everyone!"

Next month sees the return of astrologer, transpersonal counselor and educator Anna Swora.  Anna will be doing a  monthly feature episode on "Spirit Talk" on the Wednesday preceding the new moon.  The feature is called "Harnessing the Lunar Energies with Anna Swora." 

Join us on Wednesday February 26th at as Anna discusses the new moon in Pisces and the coming full moon in Virgo - a very powerful combination!

As our closest planetary neighbor, the moon provides us with an incredible source of energy which manifests differently every month.  Properly understood, this energy can be an aide to personal insight, intention setting and the manifestation of our goals.

Allow Anna to show you how to make the most of the energies and learn something new about the fascinating topic of astrology in each and every episode!

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