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A possible future, by no means set. Click to enlarge.
While deep in trance, Edgar Cayce performed thousands upon thousands of psychic readings.  The majority of these readings focused on health and healing but those that did not addressed a wide range of topics, touching on issues which remain in the public consciousness to this very day.  

Two of the most compelling of these topics, earth changes and the evolution of consciousness, while be addressed this Sunday at Unity Church in Wilkes-Barre PA and I'm happy to say that I will be there!  

The speaker, Edgar Cayce expert, and my good friend, Henry Bieryla will discuss evolving consciousness and the widespread changes effecting planet Earth as predicted in both ancient sources and the Cayce material.  Possessing a deep understanding of the Cayce readings, Henry's presentations are highly informative and insightful.  I always learn something new!
I feel a  great deal of resonance with the topics of the presentation.  The evolution of consciousness is of particular interest to me.  But it isn't what drew me to Cayce.  What first intrigued me about Edgar Cayce was the predictions he made about our own changing planet.

I was introduced to these predictions in August of 2011.  Hurricane Irene raged across the east coast, stopping in my neighborhood in NE Pennsylvania long enough to down the tree across the street and tear away a part  of our garage roof.  The electricity was out but surprisingly my laptop, which had long standing battery issues, stayed on.  Sitting in the dark, watching the storm sweep down our street, I happened upon a page on Edgar Cayce.  Curious about what he had to say about changing weather, I was struck by a passage which predicted flooding in New York City, concurrent with strife in Libya, Egypt and Syria.   

These events, however unlikely they may have once seemed to be, were all eminently threatening. And Cayce, I read, believed that such events would signal the beginning of the coming new age.  Watching the violence of the wind, I wondered if this was indeed the case.

Shortly thereafter, I began to investigate Edgar Cayce in earnest.  I learned that, while Cayce's predictions were not cast in stone, they did demonstrate a high degree of accuracy and insight. In regard to earth changes in particular, I found it compelling that Cayce predicted rising sea levels far in advance of any real understanding of global warming.  I do want to point out, however, as my friend Henry often does, that all of these potentialities can be shifted along with our changing consciousness.

What I liked most about Cayce however was the optimism which balanced his understanding of these potentialities.  Able to envision serious and sometimes frightening future events, Edgar Cayce believed in the future anyway.  He was, and remained, convinced that the coming age was a better age and that we as a people were evolving.  And, while I sometimes feel that we have a long way to go, I believe that he was right.

To learn more about Edgar Cayce, earth changes and the evolution of consciousness please check out Henry Bieryla's very promising presentation this Sunday at 10 AM at Unity Church in Wilkes-Barre PA!  To learn more about this wonderful presentation please check out the following link:

About the lecture:  "Sunday, January 19th, at Unity of Northeast PA located in Wilkes-Barre, we'll discuss the latest information on Earth Changes and the 2012-2016 Transformation in Consciousness that we are all experiencing at this time. The information will be based on the Edgar Cayce Readings and Ancient Sources that point to this time of dramatic change in our Spiritual, Emotional and Physical lives. We'll discuss how the changes around us are moving us into a period of renew Enlightenment, towards a Consciousness that has not existed for some 2000 years. Please join us for an informative, heartfelt and enlightening discussion on the energies that are guiding us forward into The New Age."

For more about Unity Church please check out the church website at!

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