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I had a truly wonderful time talking to psychic Donita King last night on Spirit Talk and couldn't wait to share this wonderful interview on the blog!

Donita is an amazing woman - a practicing attorney, natural intuitve, A.R.E. Wayshower, tested psychic and certified dream guide mentor.  She has so much to share on these topics and more - with a special emphasis on how our psychic abilities can empower us in our daily life - and I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to talk to her.

I also have great news!  Donita has agreed to come back and talk to us in more depth about how we can improve our life through dreamwork a bit later in the year!

Please click to listen to this great interview via the player below and don't forget to catch Spirit Talk at its new time and day - Wednesdays at 8PM ET / 5 PM PT - for reviews, interviews and free oracle card readings to callers! 

Check Out Spirit Talk with Barbara Graver on SpiritRadio!

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