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I am currently working with "You Are Psychic" by Debra Lynn Katz, in conjuncture with her second book "Extraordinary Psychic."  And even though I started with this method relatively recently, I am already seeing results!

As the title of "You Are Psychic" suggests, Katz believes that everyone can develop clairvoyance and that this psychic ability (as well as others) is a soul skill possessed by us all - not a rare gift given to a select few.

Developing clairvoyance however, as Katz teaches it, is a process and something that requires a commitment.  It is accessible but not instantaneous (like many other very important things we will do in life).

One of the things I like best about this approach is that it acknowledges that learning is process and then goes on to explain this process in a  structured way that is not only accessible  to everyone, but very easy to apply.

"You are Psychic" is not just a book on psychic development.  It also contains Katz's own story which is an interesting one, offers practical advice about creating your own psychic practice, and provides a wealth of insightful spiritual information on such topics as energy work, manifestation, psychic healing, entities, attachments and the nature of future - to name a few.

My Clairvoyant Corner!
But most importantly, to me, "You Are Psychic," introduces a workable method for developing clairvoyant ability through practical application of some very user friendly 'psychic tools.'

When I began working with "You Are Psychic" my clairvoyance images were rare and fleeting and highly unpredictable.  I am now able to clearly, though briefly, see psychic images when I try - at times.

Seeing an image at this point in my development takes time, effort and concentration.  But I am doing it when I intend to do it - as Katz promises that anyone can if they apply themselves - and I am finding this truth incredibly empowering.

I have a long way to go and I know that I'm not as focused on the work as I could be.  This is a problem I'm addressing in a couple of different ways.  One way, is by making a special corner for my clairvoyant work (pictured)  and working on establishing a daily routine for practice.

The second (and most exciting) way is that I have enrolled in Katz's International School of Clairvoyance 12 week 'Clairvoyance I' telecourse (which begins this February)!  I feel as good about the course as I do the material.  This method is working for me and I want to learn all I can about it!

Moveable Mini Visualization Altar
I will keep everyone posted throughout the weeks ahead both here in the blog and on Spirit Talk!

For more on Debra Katz and The International School of Clairvoyance please check out the following link:

To learn about Debra's wonderful online community please visit: To learn more about my progress with this material please check back!

Please note:  Both "You Are Psychic" and "Extraordinary Psychic" are great books but I do recommend reading "You Are Psychic"  first as it focuses on the groundwork of this very effective approach in a bit more detail.   For me it was the perfect introduction!

To learn more about Debra Katz and clairvoyance please check out my live "Spirit Talk" interview with  Debra Wednesday March 5th at 8PM ET / 5PM PT:

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