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Field of Roses Ernesto Arrisueno
I have just finished week four of Debra Lynn Katz's  live 12 week telecourse through the International School of Clairvoyance. The school, focuses on clairvoyance (or psychic sight) and it is the only online psychic development program I am aware of that does so.  It is perfect for me and I am learning so much! 

Debra's method is highly structured and understandable and my clairvoyant ability is slowly  but steadily improving.  We have been working with flowers and this week I was able to see not just one rose but several - all in a clear, deep rose red!  

This was exciting for me because, while I do glimpse images from time to time, doing so deliberately has been a challenge.  So, while my visualizations remains unstable and images appear only fleetingly I am finally beginning to connect with my ability to generate images.  A big step!

In the Clairvoyant One weekly class (conducted live online by Debra) we do some wonderful  meditation and energy work.  We have also started practice readings which are really fun (and much less threatening in a group). I was surprised to find that not only was I able to get a few images, in much the same way as I do in Spirit Circle, but that I'm beginning to get a sense of how to revisit these images in order to get additional info.  Something I have not been able to do before!

I am benefiting from the energy work in class so much!  This week we are working with calling back energy.  By visualizing ourselves calling back our energy, in the form a big bright magnetized sun, we are able to pull this energy back from our projects, relationships and devices and reintegrate it into our own soul energy.  We performed this exercise in class and I was very surprised at the result.

Not only did I feel energized.  I felt present.  So present that even though I was in a meditative state I felt instantly alert and aware of everything around me.  Part of our homework this week is to call back our energy daily.  This has been great for me.  My manuscript is going well, which is wonderful, but I am also putting in long hours and feeling very invested in the work.  This exercise has been a tremendous method of restoring that energy and, while I am working hard, I have not felt drained at all.

I have great news as well - Debra will be appearing live on "Spirit Talk with Barbara Graver" next Wednesday at 8PM ET /  9PM PT.  This is a great chance to learn more about Debra, her methods, and The International School of Clairvoyance so please do join us at:!

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