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As everyone who follows this blog knows, I'm currently undertaking clairvoyant training through Debra Katz's International School of Clairvoyance.  

I am learning so much and will be sharing a bit about my progress in terms of my developing psychic sight in my next post.  What I want to talk about here is the healing I'm experiencing in the course which is something focused on in this, the third, week of our training.

Spiritual energy is an incredible force of  health and transformation.  I have worked with healing via chakra work and the visualization of divine light and color for some time.  I credit it with real and sweeping changes in my health, temperament and the structure of my outer life.

Applying Debra's psychic tools, however, focuses and concentrates this energy in a new and highly effective way.  I love her method of running both earth and cosmic energies simultaneously. I can feel the energy of earth and sky intensely and I am beginning to see it as well.  I know that it is bringing about the kind of change I need to realize in order to better access my psychic abilities.

By using this process to release and clear, I have felt progressively lighter and better able to focus.  And it is such a joy to come out of meditation feeling calm and centered and happy!  We are beginning to work with healing on others as well and this is something I find particularly exciting.   

At this point we are visualizing our practice client and their psychic anatomy and energies.  We are not attempting to change anything about them.  From reading Debra's book, however, I know that by simply putting our attention on on person we can bring about change and healing.  And I know this from my own experience with the process as well.

This week I worked on healing a friend, a friend's pet, and a family member.  I can't say that that any change is apparent as of yet* but I love the focus of the course thus far.  There is much more to clairvoyance and psychic work, it appears, than many people realize.  And I feel very lucky to be a part!

Meet Debra Lynne Katz Wed. March 5th on "Spirit Talk with Barbara Graver!"

To read more on my progress with the course please see:
*Update:  My friend's pet is doing better.  I am not taking credit but am very happy to know that she is healing <3

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