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Astrologer Anna Swora has returned to BlogTalkRadio show and will appear live on, "Spirit Talk," to do her monthly segment, "Harnessing the Lunar Energies," just in advance of each New Moon!  

Last night was Anna's first new moon update and it was a really wonderful show.   I have to say personally that I learn so much through having Anna on.  Not just where planets are and what they mean but all of the fascinating nuances of the chart.

I also learned how to place the New Moon in my own birth chart.  Far easier than I thought!  This New Moon occurs on March 1st at 10 degrees Pisces.  Referring to my birth chart, I see that 10 degrees Pisces falls in my personal fourth house.

If you have your own birth chart handy just find the tenth degree in Pisces and see which house is will be influenced by this New Moon in your chart!  I am not an astrologer, or rather I am learning, but here are some ways that I am looking at the New Moon in my fourth house.

The fourth house is the house of family and of ancestry.  The home of Cancer it represents the influence of early family and sense of roots going backwards in time (conscious or unconscious).  The natural house of Cancer, the fourth house represents sanctuary, home and safety.  It is strongly associated with Cancer's ruling planet - the Moon - which makes this month's New Moon a strong influence in my chart.  

I find the fourth house associations with sanctuary and the unconscious influences of ancestry challenged and, while I don't want to ignore them, I do want to focus on the creative aspects of this New Moon.  My sun sign's ruling planet is the Sun and Pisces' ruler Neptune have the same 4th house association in my chart as of Saturday.   Something I will think about in writing my New Moon intentions.

This month I am thinking of using a seven day candle and writing my intentions on it.  I'm working on something which combines creativity (Sun and Moon),  my home workspace (fourth house) and spirit (Neptune).  I will share what it is I come up with.

To hear some great information on Mercury retrograde, the New Moon in Pisces and astrology as a whole please listen to astrologer Anna Swora on "Spirit Talk with Barbara Graver!" via the player below:

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