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Those born with their Sun in Pisces have a sparkly, magical energy that is very hard to miss.  Sometimes called the poets of the Zodiac, they are creative, dreamy spirits with a wide range of talents, both obvious and hidden.

As a water sign, Pisces is fluid, mutable, intuitive and emotional.  By virtue of its association with the planet Neptune, this sign can be sensitive, idealistic, imaginative, compassionate and naturally creative.   Pisces is traditionally considered to be a psychic sign and, in my experience, this is very often true.

I have some experience with this sign.  My first infatuation was a Pisces, as was my first true love and a later significant relationship.  I have had several Pisces friends over the course of my life and currently have two close friends who are Pisces.  My Leo sun does not always understand Pisces outright but on a deeper level, I believe that my Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising self can usually identify.

People with their sun in Pisces may be dreamers, who sometimes find it easier to believe in their dreams than in their own wide array of talents. Most Pisceans possess a highly evolved intuition and find themselves naturally in tune with the netherworld of secrets and of dreams.  As the  twelfth sign of the zodiac, they may be selfless, spiritual and unerringly focused on their own inner journey. 

While sometimes thought of as chameleons who do not always make their true intentions clear, the real nature of Pisces reflects the fish which is this sign's zodiacal symbol.

Like the fish, Pisces may enjoy going with the flow, slipping easily from current to current.  Sometimes these easy waterways lead to wonderful discoveries.  At other times the Piscean may get lost in a realm of his own imagining.  It is this connection to imagination, however, and the ease with which Pisces navigates this fluid world which gives this sign its creative spark and very special magic.

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