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I made a new pendulum out of a nice deep blue piece of lapis and copper wire and chain.  This is hands down the best combination I have used so far.

The pendulum has a glass bead on the distal end and a bit too much chain.  I will need to add some kind of finding to the bottom if I want to sell it in the shop but the spiral at  the end of the wire turned out well.

When it was finished I found that I had inadvertently made a second spiral on top.  Given my recent dream / vision of spirals and other spiral synchronicities I had in the days that followed, I consider this a sign.

Most importantly, however, this pendulum is  accurate.  It swings, starts and stops in ways that seem to override gravity.  So far it has not been wrong even when I supposed it was.  It is a good and reliable tool offering clear and dependable communication with my spirit guides.

I have placed the pendulum on my new altar. There are many new elements in my life right now.  New pendulum, new altar, new work space, new areas of study!

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