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I didn't read or watch "The Secret" when it first came out.  I had heard a lot about the material and I didn't expect to like it.

But last week I was looking for something on Netflix and there it was.  I liked the presentation.  And even though I found some of the material problematic,  I agreed with much of it.

So I decided to try the book.

In "The Secret," ideas about The Law of Attraction walk a find line between empowerment and blame.  We are, we are told, responsible for our lives in every conceivable way and this can be hard to reconcile with traumatic and unexpected events.  So hard, in fact, that I feel quite sure that our personal energy is not  the only force at work in the universe.

It seems to me that there are some things we do not attract.  And I think it's dangerous to focus so much on creating our own reality that we fail to acknowledge the things we don't want to own.

Things are happening in our world that we cannot and should not ignore.  And I believe that it's part of our responsibility as the dominant species to recognize and work against cruelty and injustice. Things happen to people and to animals that they have  in no way attracted.  That isn't okay or what they in any way deserve.  And no one can convince me otherwise.

Having said that, I did agree with several points that "The Secret" made.  I agree that we are beings of great power and ability, and that everything in our manifest reality was first conceived of on the energetic plane.  I agree that we can work with this same energy in the creation of our own reality.  And I believe that even though there are multiple currents running, our belief in ourselves is essential to the reality we create.

In listening to the audio book I found that I liked Rhonda Byrne manner and enthusiasm and the many associations that were made between the power of thought and our experience of life.  I can't agree with every point "The Secret" makes but it did make me think.

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  1. I only saw part of it, but in a wider sense,

    Some time ago I had this wild idea. The idea was that reality is shaped by the cumulative consciousness of all sentient beings in the universe. Obviously every individual mind is just an infinitesimal fraction of the whole, and thus may not be able to change reality by a great deal, especially to contradict what a majority of the minds in the universe accept as reality.

    However, if the scope of the shaping relates to a rather inconsequential aspect of physical reality, it may in deed effect things. So, for example if whatever the change may be does not oppose any other attempts to change results by other minds, the result may indeed correspond.

    Further, if the idea is not contradicting any other physical reality or physics rule, it may evolve the rule. So a physicist may cause an electron to become a wave, in spite the fact it is a particle, as long as it can be made to not be a direct contradiction. This however would result in an ever complicating set of rules. Sort of the entropy of ideas.

  2. Hi Amos. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner!

    I think that what you say about an individual mind may be right in terms of the collective reality. If I don't want a war, for example, and the greater part of the collective does it would surprise me if I were able to manifest peace. I do often do visualizations of compassion and healing for people and animals but I always visualize individuals changing - not the world at large.

    While I don't think the material experience that anyone is having here is inconsequential, I do feel that there are forces at work other than our own. Having said that, I feel that we can overcome a great deal - certainly far more than we have been led to believe.

    The idea of physical rules evolving is interesting and yes I suppose it could get complicated in theory. Personally, I don't think the photon has to be either a wave or a particle, I think it is inherently both. This seems to me, a step up from our physical reality which is generally not (even potentially) two things at once. I think this says something about the transcendence of energy and may mean that light is an interdimensional energy, and therefore not subject to the same rules as matter.

    For me the rules aren't really an issue, however. From my viewpoint, energy (spirit) is the ground of all being. While creation in other realms may be instantaneous, here I think creation manifests through the timeline and processes of natural reality. Though I do like the idea that we may evolve the rules!

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. You really made me think about this <3


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