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I did some research on the Tiger Lily and found that the lily is associated with the divine feminine in the form of Hera (whose milk overflowed and created the lily on earth and the milky way above ) as well as with Mary.  The story of Hera in particular strongly parallels my own dream of the Goddess and is, I suspect, a very old association, predating even the Greeks. That this dream cam to me when I asked for help with my writing and creativity and provided a very real opening seems very significant to me.

About the Lily:  The lily is associated with fertility, passion, cleansing, renewal, faith, the lunar cycle, feminine courage, and (in my estimation) the blossoming of creativity which I see as an aspect of fertility.  The addition of 'tiger' to 'lily' indicates strength and courage as does the color red.  Considering that there is usually some orange in red Tiger Lilies makes sense to me because orange is fertility and creativity.  I am going to reflect on the Tiger Lily and use it in my visualization in this week's assignment.

Please see my post Manifestation Through Clairvoyant Reading for more on the reading which showed me the red Tiger Lily.

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