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It's hard to believe that I am on the tenth week of clairvoyant training. I'm finding Debra's method to be a very well-rounded approach to psychic development. 

In addition to her effective and structured clairvoyant training, we are meditating, healing, manifesting and growing.  Part of our growth process is gaining confidence - something I so need to work on!

Practicing in the safe environment of class or practice session is a wonderful way to build confidence and skill and I can see that each of are benefiting immensely.

In class we learn from Debra and then practice with each other (while in our practice sessions we work with a volunteer).  I find both helpful.  Yesterday we read for each other on our goals.  Because a couple of people were absent, Debra read as well  - so I got a great reading from my class mates AND the instructor!

I asked about my manuscript.  Everyone identified my issues - lack of confidence, overly wide scope and the need to have fun with the writing process in their own unique and highly insightful way. I received specific advice  from Debra and on revising the manuscript which was very resonant with my own feelings.  And I found her vision of a trophy (figurative), a book with wings to travel to an international audience and a windfall very encouraging!

I spent the morning writing and I feel an incredible sense of renewal.  Thank you to everyone!

To meet my instructor Debra Katz and learn how you can increase you're clairvoyant abilities, please join us live at 8PM ET / 5PM PT for tonight's episode of "Spirit Talk!"

To learn more about my Clairvoyance One training please check out the following posts!

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