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I have just completed an incredible two week course!  It is called The Transformational Author Experience and it is hosted by transformational book coach and award winning author Christine Kloser.  

The two week course is over but Christine has offered free replays all weekend long - so if you missed the live calls it isn't too late - you can still sign up and listen in!

The Transformational Author Experience presents a wonderful mix of inside info and  encouragement.  Its 22 segments provide in depth interviews with best-selling authors, publishing execs, coaches, successful trainers and agents, social media experts, financial experts and others - each with some great info to share on the art and science of writing a best-selling transformational book.

Timely and valuable information is given on all aspects of transformational writing - including personal transformation, the practice of writing, the importance of book proposals, industry expectations, platform building, reaching readers, strategizing your book and business, making money and realizing success and more.  

Some insightful and very direct information is shared.  Information I found enlightening, empowering and sometimes a bit overwhelming. I appreciated the way Christine's gentle and encouraging voice lead us from realization to realization.  And I appreciated the honesty of publishing experts like Hay House CEO Reid Tracy and literary agent Wendy Keller.

In addition to the 22 wonderful interviews, The Transformational Author Experience offers some wonderful freebies (and upgrades) - including free ebooks, video, facebook templates, courses, workshops and workbooks.  Three paid upgrades are also available - all of which are worth sharing here.

The first upgrade is the Gold Pass.  It costs $97 and provides access to downloadable MP3s of all interviews as well as transcripts and is great for anyone who isn't up to date on the classes or able to catch up this weekend - or for anyone who just wants to listen again, as I do. 

The second level is a Platinum Pass.  It costs $297.  It  provides MP3s and transcripts - plus entry into the 4th Annual Transformational Author Writing Contest, a Book Proposal Template, special info on book proposals by literary agent Wendy Keller,  a Q & A Contest Kickoff, Live coaching call (with Eckart Tolle publisher Marc Allen) plus access to Christine's Soulful Messenger program. 

The third level is a Diamond pass which is pricy but does offer some great opportunities (including individual coaching, tickets to workshops and events and year long support) to those who can make the commitment. 

The Platinum Pass book proposal contest is a blog entry all in itself.  There are a ton of prizes ranging from those which will help you on your path to those with the potential to teleport you to a place much further along.  Personally I think the contest is a great opportunity for those who are ready.  This weekend, I am going to decide if I'm one of those people!

If I decide to go forward, I will definitely be blogging on my process in submitting my proposal and maybe even winning a prize.

While the best way to learn about the Transformation Author Experience is to visit their website at, I did want to provide a quick overview of the available segments so you can decide if you're interested in learning more!
  • The Four Levels of Transformation with Christine Kloser
  • Discover Your Soul Signature with author Panache Desai
  • The Practice of Writing with Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times best-selling author
  • Writing Through Fear: Overcoming Your Creative Demons with workshop leader and author Mark Matousek
  • Understanding the Difference Between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing with Balboa Press Director,  Sandy Powell
  • How to Become a Hay House Author with Hay House CEO, Reid Tracy
  • Your Big Beautiful Book Deal Starts with a Hot Proposal with best-selling author and agent connector Linda Sivertsen, 
  • Creating an Enlightened Best-seller with Chris Attwood, trainer and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test
  • Accessing Your Authentic Voice with Danielle LaPorte author and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan
  • Discover the Power of Heeding Your Call with Meriwether group CEO David Howitt, 
  • How to Claim Your Ideal Readers with Lisa Cherney, Marketing Expert, 
  • How to Build Your Author's Platform with Wendy Keller, agent responsible 1,200 nonfiction book deals worldwide, including 11 New York Times best sellers and 6 international best sellers. 
  • How to Get Other People to Promote Your Book with Milana Leshinsky creator of a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. 
  • Social Media for Authors with Bret Gregory, facebook expert and list builder
  • How to Impact More Readers with “Education Marketing” with Callan Rush,  live event expert and business building strategist
  • How to Further Your Message as a Powerful Speaker with Lisa Nichols, best-selling author, speaker and coach
  • Guerilla Publicity:  How to Be Heard by Millions and Make a Difference in the World with Jill Lublin, profitability and visibility strategist    
  • Discover the Fortune in You with Robert Allen  author of some of the most influential financial books of all time including multiple New York Times bestsellers
  • How To Change The World… Without Going Broke with Ryan Eliason  author of "The 10 Best Ways to Get Paid for Changing the World"
  • The Millionaire Master Plan for Authors with Roger James Hamilton, Author of “The Millionaire Master Plan” 
  • Emergence: A Radical Path for Activating Your Full Potential with Derek Rydall is a best-selling author and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence
  • Living Your Soul’s True Purpose… and Transforming the World One Person at a Time with Christine Kloser
About Christine Kloser: (from  Christine Kloser, “The Transformation Catalyst” is a transformational book coach, spiritual guide and award-winning author whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors around the world. She’s trained more than 35,000 authors, and personally coached hundreds to get their books written and published.  Some of her clients have signed traditional publishing contracts, become best-selling authors and appeared in major media including:  CNBC, CBS, Oprah and Friends, Time, Business Week, New York Times, Fox & Friends, Animal Planet, TedX, CNN, ABC, and more.

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