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I have now finished my Clairvoyant I training through the International School of Clairvoyance and am thrilled to be continuing on to session two!  

Session two starts this Thursday and I will be blogging about this course as I work through it just like I did with session one.  But I wanted to pause, between sessions and give a recap of the first half of the program.

The Clairvoyant I course is a very practical course.  It approaches clairvoyance as a learnable skill - not a miraculous, or in anyway exclusive, gift.  Dedication is required, yes, but Debra's process is clear and easy to follow.  And a lot of fun too!

The twelve week class, taught live via telecourse by Debra , also includes a weekly practice session in which the group reads for a new (outside) volunteer each week.  Each and every class was highly interactive and I found Debra to be an intelligent, patient and creative teacher always willing to take the time to answer our questions and explain content as needed.

Clairvoyant I focused on developing inherent clairvoyant ability and learning to read for oneself and for others.  But it didn't stop there.  

The course also teaches some unexpected applications of clairvoyant ability.  This includes healing work, manifestation work and remote viewing.  Because of this the Clairvoyant I course has a great deal to offer energy healers, remote viewers or anyone looking to make important life changes via the law of attraction.

Clairvoyance I showed me how to expand on my own professional readings.  I currently do student medium readings in spirit circle and use cards professionally on a limited basis.  While I will probably always include cards in my readings, my personal goal with this class was to increase my ability to read psychically which I did feel I was able to accomplish.  

I had some great experiences in the class and in the practice sessions and found myself able to bring through some pretty specific info on several occasions.  Additionally I was able to perform my first full half hour psychic reading (no cards at all until the last minute or two) by the end of this course.  This was a real milestone for me!

The course is an investment but I do feel that it is already paying off and am very happy to be continuing on to session two!  I highly recommend the Clairvoyant I course for anyone who is interested in improving their psychic skills, healing ability or realizing important personal goals through visualization.  And if you're a professional reader, it can make a real different in the readings you give!

To read more about my experience in Clairvoyant I, please check out the following posts.  To learn about Clairvoyance II, please check back next week.

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