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The fifth century BCE Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, is perhaps the first known example of a person able to clearly conceptualize the underlying structure of our material world. In his view, the basis of this structure were numbers. 

Because of this Pythagoras is the person we were refer to when we talk about modern or Pythagorian numerology - the subject of Michelle Buchanan's wonderful book "The Numerology Guidebook: Uncover Your Destiny and the Blueprint of Your Life." 

Encoded systems of metaphysical knowledge fascinate me and I've read more than a few books on numerology, astrology and symbolism. "The Numerology Guidebook" is the best book on numerology I have read to date.  It is comprehensive, providing in depth interpretations of regular and master numbers and number combinations, clear explanation of core numbers, information on number cycles and more, and very readable.

The author includes the most popular system of calculating your own numerology chart (Pythagorean) plus alternate schools (Chaldean) as well as several different methods of calculation. Other topics of interest include numerological forecasting and timing, manifestation with numbers, event planning and name changes.

It is the number meaning sections however which most readers will refer to again and again. These sections are very well done. The author gives an insightful interpretation of each number (including strengths, weakness, life lesson, career and compatibility) and then explains the meaning of that particular number in terms of Life Path, Destiny, Soul, Personality, Maturity, Birthday, Current Name & Karmic Lesson. She also includes an astrological equivalent and example. 

 It's a lot of information but Buchanan presents it in an engaging and highly understandable ways, making these simple calculations easy for even the most math phobic reader. On a personal level, I got a lot out of this book. I found the section on cycles, pinnacles and challenges especially helpful!

*Please note:  This book was provided to me free from Hayhouse for review purposes.

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