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As everyone who follows this blog knows, I have been struggling with the writing of a non-fiction manuscript based on my own experience of spirit for some time.  

So you may be pleased to hear that I have found a very promising source of information and help!

The source is Christine Kloser's wonderful Transformational Author Experience workshop and I am so happy to have discovered it.

I'm also please to announce that Christine is providing free access to all past segments this weekend (and Monday) with ongoing free access to the remaining classes through next week.

The course focuses on the process of writing a transformational book.  Something I do so desperately want to do!  I knew the course was for me in Class One when I heard (and strongly identified with) Christine Kloser's own story.

Christine is a best-selling, award-winning author and "Transformation Catalyst" who works directly with authors through her Transformational Author workshop and Get Your Book Done® program.  But her path has not been an easy one.

In December of 2010, Christine faced bankruptcy, marital stress and the dissolution of a long standing business partnership.  It was a difficult time not unlike the life changing challenges I faced just before I embraced my own path in 2008.  Like Christine I was the soul breadwinner in her family.  Giving up on a career that no longer fed my soul wasn't easy.  But while I am still very much in the transformational process, I can say absolutely that I would not change a thing.

For Christine this difficult time was a turning point.  By surrendering to the changes that followed she found herself better able to connect with spirit, and able to create The Transformational Author Experience - which trained more than 20,000 aspiring authors in less than 16 months!

I'm happy to say that I am now participating in that experience and couldn't be happier.  The workshop includes daily classes from authors, publishers and teachers with a strong emphasis on personal transformation - for both the offer and reader.  The paid version of the workshop offers a long list of prizes, ongoing training, a writing contest, publishing opportunities and book deal but the free option offers the basic course material in full - and it is an incredible opportunity.

Class one is led by Christine.  In it, she explains The Four Levels of Transformation (your self, your reader, your business and the world) and provides a free pdf worksheet which will help you define your own goals and desires in each of these areas.  She asks participants to share their 'aha' moment on the interactive FaceBook page which accompanies the class.

My level one 'aha monment' was realizing that writing this book is not just about my transformation past tense.  It is about my ongoing transformation - which touches on some deeply buried doubts about my own creativity and worthiness.  I have some demons to deal with, for sure, but I believe that the only way I can ever lay those fears to rest is by facing them head on and embracing what it is I feel I'm here to do!

The second class features wisdom from “Discovering Your Soul Signature” author Panache Desai who is hugely inspiring.  In class three NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff discusses "The Practice of Writing."  

Since I didn't find out about the Transformational Author Experience until it was already well underway, I'm dedicating today to taking advantage of the weekend + holiday fee replay and immersing myself in the program so that I'll be ready to continue on with the group in the coming week.

I have already dedicated a notebook dedicated to this wonderful opportunity.  It is going to be an incredible week!

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