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As anyone who follows this blog knows, I believe in dreams.  Some of the most important guidance I've been given over the course of my life has come to me in my dreams.  Something for which I will be eternally grateful.

My dreams have transformed my life.  And by transformed I mean completely and totally overhauled my view of the world.  As a result, I value each and every dream I have.  And I value everyone else's dreams, too.

Because I feel that dreams are a fundamental component in any spirit guided life, I've started a new NEPA Metaphysical Society group. The group will be meeting monthly in Pittston PA.  We will be working with dreams in the format outlined in The Wisdom of Your Dreams by Jeremy Taylor.

Taylor's format begins with a centering exercise, then moves to a "check in" (which allows members share how they're feeling).  Each person then shares a headline style description of a recent or memorable dream.  Following this, the group comes to a consensus about which dream we want to work with.

The dreamer selected will then retell the dream in full and the group will ask any necessary questions and offer insight in turn, beginning as Robert Moss suggests by saying, "If it were my dream..." and acknowledging that there is no absolute interpretation of any dream and that while we benefit from insight, in the final analysis, the true meaning of a dream is always our own.

The group ends with a short centering exercise.  If time permits our group will talk about strategies for remembering our dreams and various methods of dream work.  Those who wish to work with lucid dreaming will be utilizing Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s Lucid Dream Program as presented in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

All members of the NEPA Metaphysical Society dream group will be asked to keep a dream journal and bring it with them to meetings. Anyone who does not want to share a dream is free to pass whenever they'd like.

To learn more about dream journaling please see the following post: Writing a Dream: Dream Journal Tips.

To read about my first life altering dream please see Dreams: The Wandering Soul and  Journey of Souls By Dr. Michael Newton: The Key to a Dream.

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