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Angel Dreams: Healing and Guidance from Your Dreams by Doreen Virtue and her daughter-in-law Melissa Virtue is lovely little book. It supplies some very helpful info on working with your dreams and addresses a range of dream experiences.  

I found "Angel Dreams" readable and down to earth and quite comprehensive for its size (179 smaller sized pages).

Those who have been working with their dreams for some time (and / or read other books upon the subject) may find themselves already familiar with some of the material.  For others, "Angel Dreams" will serve as a helpful introduction or good basic reference on  dream work.

"Angel Dreams" covers the history and basics of dreams, dream recall, symbolism, dream incubation, types of dreams (past-life, prophetic and visitations), nightmares, flying and falling in your dreams, and angel communication. Various types of dream experiences are illustrated using personal anecdotes from many different dreamers.  I enjoyed these stories and thought they clearly illustrated the material presented.

"Angel Dreams" also includes some lovely pre-sleep rituals, one of which I plan to put into effect this weekend!  The book is available through amazon and Hay House in both soft cover and ebook.

Please note that I received my copy of "Angel Dreams" from Hay House free for review.

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