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In the Intenational School of Clairvoyance's Clairvoyant 2 class we are learning about some of the deeper applications of clairvoyance.  Commonly thought of primarily as a psychic tool, clairvoyance (as we are learning about it) can also be used for manifestation work and healing.

I have been working with the healing energy of divine light and color for several years.  My experience began in dreams when I was shown that there was real spiritual dimension to color. Some time later I experienced a spontaneous and overwhelming download of the color blue.  

Since that time, I have been working with color in my own healing but I haven't done any work with images.  So incorporating the use of images into my healing work is something I am really looking forward to.

So far I have found the healing work (self-healing) we've done in class incredibly effective.  During last week's guided meditation we worked with color in the in class exercise, visualizing the color moving through our bodies like the contrast dye in a CAT Scan.  When my color stopped moving, I experienced a LOT of somatic symptoms, telling me that some of my energy blockages were breaking up.  This is good news and really fits in with the studying I'm doing in the book club.

Right now we're working with the book "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan.  This book contains a lot of great information on energy work and I'm thrilled to have a venue to discuss and explore it.  And such a wonderful class to work directly with the principles of healing.

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