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Marci Shimoff Post-It System (my office)
I recently completed the annual Transformational Author Experience telecourse offered by award winning author and transformational book coach  Christine Kloser - and it has helped me so much!

The Transformational Author Experience couldn't have come at a better time for me.  I had been struggling with my spiritual manuscript for months and I was wondering if I should just give up on it entirely. And then a seemingly random Facebook promotion for the Transformational Author Experience caught my eye.

I signed up for the free version of the course and found myself enjoying (and learning from) the material presented.  Christine had come up with a great line up of authors, spiritual teachers, and publishing professionals and they had some incredible info to share.  Just as importantly - the content of the course provided the sense of empowerment I needed.  Before I knew it I had entered the Transformational Author Book Proposal contest and my project was moving forward once more!

I've been working on my contest entry proposal ever since with a sense of clarity and confidence I never thought I'd feel.  Armed with the knowledge gained in the Transformational Author Experience, I'm approaching my book from several directions and having fun with the process!

I want to share my approach here in case others might find my process helpful.

The Writing:  Using a super cool post-it note system suggested by "Happy for No Reason" author and motivational speaker Marci Shimoff (pictured above), I was able to pull together the best nonfiction outline I've ever done. With a new sense of confidence about the material, I went on to write my own personal best first draft chapter one. As Christine has said, the best remedy for writer's block really IS a deadline.

The Proposal: The proposal itself is the real focus of the contest and I'm giving my proposal a lot of thought though it is still very much in the planning stage.  As I plan however, I'm reviewing the material offered in the course and am gaining a new understanding of the proposal process.  I have found the proposal template provided by Christine and the wonderful proposal  resource "How to Prepare an Excellent Book Proposal" written by senior literary agent Wendy Keller particularly helpful. 

My Platform: I'm also working on my platform and creating a website (all on my own because I love making websites :).  The website design is almost done and while it won't be fully functional by the deadline it will be a useful prototype.  My hope is that it will be a great free resource for my future readers.  How far I'll get in increasing my social networking platform in the time allowed is questionable but I have learned strategies which will serve me even after the contest ends.  Since my online presence so far has kind of grown itself I feel that these strategies will really make a difference.

I just listened to a replay of  the wonderful "Writing Contest Q & A" teleconference Christine conducted earlier in the week.  The information was enormously helpful and I'm absolutely blown away by the level of support the Transformational Author Experience offers.  I really do believe that Christine and everyone else involved sincerely wants us all to succeed!  I do so hope that there will be another live call before the contest ends so I can thank Christine personally for everything she's done. 

Also before I forget - I do want to let everyone know that there are some great prizes in this contest! The two that I have my eye on are:
  • Guaranteed representation by Waterside Productions, Inc. - the literary agency that has represented such powerful transformational authors as Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle.
  • Consideration for a traditional publishing contract with Marc Allen, the President of New World Library and Publisher of “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.
There are a bunch of other wonderful prizes, as well.  These include free Balboa publishing packages, courses and consultations with  the amazing publishing and promotional pros from the conference, radio and magazine interviews, publication in Christine's Pebbles in the Pond (Wave Three) book (which I have just purchased in ebook and offers another exciting contest) and much, much more!

Honestly however, even if I don't win a prize in the contest the sense of empowerment and motivation this Transformational Author Experience has given me is a great big win in and of itself.

For a full prize list, please check out Christine's prize page here.  And if you didn't get to enter this year please remember - this is an annual event! 

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