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In this video I do a tarot reading demo using my new favorite deck - the DruidCraft tarot.  The video offers a nine card preview of this amazing deck as well as some insight into the ancient Celt religion which inspired it.  The topic of my reading is my own creative project (a book on the topic of personal spiritual guidance) but if you have a project underway I believe that the insights here will be of help.

In re-watching this video, I'm struck by the significance of the Snowdrops appearing in the Page of Swords.  Much of guidance for this work is coming to me through dreams, so the presence of the Snowdrop (used since the time of Plato to increase dream recall) is highly significant.  I think spirit is telling me to step up my dream work - which implies increased discipline and dedication! Interestingly the book does not talk about tarot or angel card reading but focuses on other forms of spiritual communication and in my future vblog entries I will probably move in this direction as well.

Going forward I am going to do a vblog or video post each and every month.  This one went a little long but the next should be shorter :)

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