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I'm now in my second session at the International School of Clairvoyance. I'm really enjoying the process.  And I had an interesting experience related to the class that I wanted to share here today.

I had asked for guidance on my life path, and began my clairvoyance practice session (using Debra's process). For a several moments I got nothing then all at once a glittery, bright turquoise, high heeled shoe popped into my (psychic) sight.

While I might have worn (and loved) such a shoe at one time, I'm a flip-flop or sneakers sort of person now.  So I knew that this fancy, sparkling vividly turquoise shoe was meant to be symbolic.  And I found the style and color intriguing. 

The shoe was the exact shade of blue, in fact, that I've come to think of as 'my blue' because it comes to me in dreams and meditation and other peoples readings (of me) over and over again.

For me that color blue means communication which is a big part of what I'm doing - here in the blog, on the radio show and in the writing of my book.  So I liked that it showed up when I thought about my life path.  I was less sure about the style  - though I did like the bright, look-at-me sort of presence that bright blue shoe seemed to project.
Current Favorite Footwear :)

Psychic impressions come to me in many different ways.  Some are faint and fleeting.  Others stand out.  Some are literal and some are symbolic.  And I love the depth of meaning and the mystery that symbols can offer.

Next week in class we are doing life path readings.  These are my favorite types of readings and I am so looking forward to learning Debra's method!

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