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African Healer by Connie Valasco
This week's Clairvoyant 2 Class was fantastic.  We did life path readings - my favorite sort.  

I received some wonderful mind's eye images during our practice - including a vision of one of my classmates in a learning center surrounded by color.  As I watched she reached out her hands and began project rays of different colored light.

I felt my connection to my classmate's soul energy in a very heart centered way.  And this is one of the things I love about doing life path readings.  As this session unfolds I feel more and more sure that this is something I want to concentrate on in my own psychic practice.

In my reading for myself, I entered into trance and saw my own life path very clearly.  It curved from side to side, traversing a mountain, reached a great plateau and entered a beautiful purple vortex.

In the reading my incredible fellow students did for me, my sometimes difficult journey to this point was described and I was shown a better place.  I was writing feverishly and this was followed by a celebration.  One I very much want to see. I am getting so much out of this class - new skills, new friends, and some amazing insights.  I can't wait till next week!

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  1. Debra is a great teacher I agree. Glad your life path reading was so insightful Barbara. I look forward to reading a future post here of you helping folk with their life path. Yes the spiritual journey can be like Frodo's in The Lord of The Rings, many valleys and mountains to cross, eventually we reach our destination. Then to see another horizon open up :-).
    You have a great website here with helpful posts and resources.
    Namaste, Julz

  2. Thank you Julz. She is! I agree that our life path is very like that journey. I will definitely be posting more about the class and my readings <3


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