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I am taking lucid dreaming author and teacher Robert Waggoner's 4 week online course, Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly, and really enjoying the experience! 

Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly is a web based course with lectures are provided via video.   In the videos, Robert Waggoner shares knowledgeable and insight gleaned from over 30 years of lucid dream research and experience.  And he does so in a soft-spoken and very caring manner.  

Robert's approach to lucid dreaming has a decided spiritual dimension - particularly when he talks about the awareness behind the dream and the role of the inner self.  So I am finding the material he presents to be extremely resonant with my own belief system.

Each of the five session ends with a practice exercise and includes supplemental written material and at least one MP3 recordings (I'm only on session two so they may well be more). The course presents a very comprehensive approach to lucid dreaming.  Topics covered include goal setting, incubating a dream sign, inducing a lucid dream, stabilizing a lucid dream, reality creation in dreams, dream figures, shamanic dreaming, healing through dreams and more.

The course also includes a chatroom, which I have not visited, and a forum which has been an enormous help so far.  Robert is very responsive to questions, offering wonderful and well-thought out advice to all who ask.  In this type of course, such feedback is, in my opinion, an absolute necessity.  There are a great many gray areas when it comes to dreaming and having someone like Robert Waggoner available to help you sort it out is extraordinarily helpful.  My next post, I think, will explain why.

In summary this is a very well-thought out course offered by a gifted instructor in the lucid dreaming arena.  I feel very fortunate to have found it!

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