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It's hard to believe that my online course Lucid Dreaming and Living Lucidly taught by lucid dreaming author and expert Robert Waggoner (Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self) is about to end.  I have so enjoyed the course!

While I have not had a fully lucid dream so far, I have improved my dream recall and had one pre- or semi-lucid dream already. I take as a very good indicator that a fully lucid dream is within my reach.

I've also learned some important things about dreaming and dream awareness - including  the subtle differences between lucidity and OBE (out of body experience).  This was of particular interest to me because I believe that several of my dream experiences involved travel to and from other dimensions, as well visitations from the beings of those dimensions in the form of guides, avatars, angels and friends and relatives who have passed. I wasn't aware however that others believed it was possible to move from a dream or apparent sleep state to an out of body experience until I took Robert's course.

One of the great things about this course is the personal help available through the forum (in which Robert is very active).  I was curious about what someone with Robert's knowledge base would have to say about some of my experiences.  I decided to ask him about a particularly vivid, unusually complex and very coherent dream I had in 2008.

Robert told me that this dream could be a Jungian 'big dream' or possibly an OBE (unrecognized because it didn't begin with the buzzing or humming that often launch OBEs).  He went on to say that when people tell him about a vivid, complex and very coherent dream, he suspects an OBE "8 times out of 10."  I found this information very validating.

I've had several very notable dreams since 2008.  While none were as involved as that first dream of spirit, at least one was just as vivid and several others were also quite coherent (and / or unusually bright) - all supplied me with information I could not have otherwise known.  I'm very interested in exploring both dreams and OBE and find the intersection of the two absolutely fascinating!

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