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When I began my courses at The International School of Clairvoyance I had more questions about clairvoyant training than I did answers.  I know that I wanted to increase my clairvoyant abilities, obviously, but I wasn't really sure what I would do with these abilities once I had them.  

Did I want to work professionally as a clairvoyant reader?  If not, what purpose would developing my abilities serve?

I am still not sure about the professional part but I do feel that I have answered the other question.  I now know that there are a lot of different ways to use my developing psychic sight.  In healing, for example, and manifestation work.  And, perhaps most significantly, in making important life path choices.

I have always worked with divine light and color in my (non) professional healing work and the class has certainly helped with that.  And in manifestation work as well.  When I manifest, I build my dreams both visually and through affirmations, creating on the causal plan things which will eventually manifest in this world.  I'm better at doing that then I was before.  I'm glad of that.  But this post is not about those applications.  It is about the making of decisions - on the right side of our brains.

I make most of my decisions there already, it's true.  I know what to do next without knowing exactly how I know.  I know what to do because a certain course of action makes me uncomfortable or excited.  I know what to do because of dreams, my morning soul writing (or journaling), or my other forms of writing.  Through telepathic communication with my guides.  Via hypnogogic images.  Or meditative visions.  Except that now I can plug into those visions when I choose. And that can be very, very helpful.

Case in point.  A few weeks ago, I asked about my writing.  I was trying to decide if I should write spiritual non-fiction or creative spiritual non-fiction or the plain up fantasy fiction I once loved. If you read this blog on a regular basis you know that I have been stuck in this question for some time.  Though you may not have been aware of the enormous toll being stuck was taking.

I was frustrated because my ordinary means of getting info were at odds.  My gut wasn't crazy about spiritual non-fiction, true, but in the context of things that I feel unworthy of my gut has been known to err.  My dreams and meditations  were urging me to communicate, certainly, but not saying exactly how.  I loved blogging but somehow knew that there is was more.  My soul writing was saying fiction.  Telepathically I was getting a lot of direct text for non.  I was torn.

So I decided to ask spirit for a clairvoyant vision.  The first vision I received was a bright blue high heeled shoe.  Okay, I thought, write with style.  Makes sense.  But not an answer.  The second vision was of a book.  An old suede covered book with soft yellow pages.  It was opened at the half way mark and as I watched I saw that it was being pulled into two halves, strings stretchering and finally breaking to form two individual volumes.

I am torn, I interpreted, as I thought.  But from that tension - two books instead of one.  Or at least that is my guess.  Which does, in fact, make sense within the context of the seemingly contradictory info I have been getting from my other sources.  So much sense that the idea of two book is, I think, correct.  Something I didn't know until right here, right now as I wrote this paragraph.  

Two books.  One fiction.  One non.  And so it is decided.

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