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I've gone class crazy this summer.  And am taking not one, not two, but three classes all at the same time!  How you may wonder (as I have) did this happen?

My Clairvoyant 2 course with Debra Katz made sense because it was the continuation of Clairvoyant 1 (which I loved) and because I feel quite strongly that it's preparing me to work as professional clairvoyant reader in my chosen area (Life Path Readings).  It's a great course, given live by Debra and includes  a weekly live practice session (with a different volunteer each week) in addition to the course itself.  I couldn't pass it up.

Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive with Robert Bruce is a course I've been trying to fit into my schedule for almost a year and this summer I decided that I just couldn't wait one more session.  I find Robert's approach fascinating and I very much want to experience (or re-experience) out of body exploration.  Sometimes there is never a right time to do the things that matter and I felt that I needed to make space for this course of study now.

The third course wasn't planned in anyway at all.  But it was something I just knew I had to do.  The class is called Plug In for Writers, and it's given by Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul which is a really incredible book.  I blogged on week one last week.  Week two was on one of my favorite topics, spiritual guidance.  And this week, week three, was on removing blockages.  Because I've talked about the other two classes a bit before I want to comment on Janet's course below.

On Monday, Janet led us in an incredible meditation which guided us to remove blockages from our chakras.  In doing so, we would clear our creative channel and prepare ourselves for the classes to follow.  I felt a great sense of release as we did this particular meditation and on Monday night I had a very unusual dream.

I'm not sure if this is the place for the story of the dream or not.  And I can't tell the story without explaining what happened during the meditation and referencing some old poetry and I suspect that the resulting post will be long - and personal.  So I'm going to have to think about how and where I want to tell this tale.  For now I will simply say that it is wonderful when everything comes together, just exactly as it should. 

 I feel so very blessed <3

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