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Today on the equinox, day and night are equal.  But that isn't going to last.  The days are getting shorter.  Winter is on its way.  Today I saw a hawk flying in the most vivid of blue skies.  Two crows called - a winter sound if I ever heard one.  Life is always moving.  Always on its way to something else.  But there is something to be said for the moment, even as it passes. 

Today I realized that I always think of autumn in the context of a world on its way to winter.  For me that is not a bad thing - at least not entirely.  Winter is an uncomfortable season here in Northeastern PA but it is a beautiful one as well and it has a depth to it that other seasons lack.  Still this time, this season should be important in its own right and I should honor it as such.

So today I sat out side and thought about the turning trees, the falling leaves, the woodland debris on its way to becoming earth.  Summer seeding the land in a different sort of way.  Not sprouting but preparing.  Today the sky was blue and the sun was bright and I sat outside with my journal and mapped out a new course. 

This course includes more time out of doors and I intend to honor that commitment through the cold months and into spring.  As always I will blog about it <3

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