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Tonight marks the Hindu festival of Diwali.  The festival of light which honors the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi.  

I have an affinity for Hindu goddesses (and still bear the scar given me by a top heavy metalwork Kali!).  Because of this affinity I have a beautiful Lakshmi statue but I have never properly honored her.  And until this week was woefully ignorant of her festival.

I consider it significant that I learned about the holiday just before it occurred on tonight's super auspicious new moon in Scorpio / solar eclipse Thursday.  Timing is everything when it comes synchronicity and this kind of timing is too tight to ignore.

I learned about the festival yesterday afternoon.  I was reading Ellen Dugan's wonderful book "Practical Prosperity Magick: Crafting Success & Abundance" and there was Lakshmi.  Lady of the white owl.  Goddess of the white elephant.  Floating upon the water in her lotus blossom.  Offering gifts.  

How could I not give her the altar she so deserves?

My Lakshmi Altar: Includes offering of sweets, cash, red and gold theme, owl, white elephant and water.
About Tonight's New Moon:  Tonight's New Moon in Scorpio is particularly potent New Moon because it occurs on the evening of a Solar Eclipse.  It represents a new beginning in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. It's a great time to manifest the passionate, focused, resourceful and transformative qualities of this powerful sign.  And to ask the water goddess Lakshmi to open the gates to the flowing current of abundance and prosperity.

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