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Enchanted Apple: Edward J. Detmold
I have been slowing changing direction and soon this change will be reflected here in the blog.  I began my spiritual path a very long time ago in response to my own direct spiritual experiences.  This has not changed.

I never set out in a given spiritual direction due to any kind of calculation or left brain sort of decision.  Instead I followed the direct guidance of spirit - wherever I believed that it led.

This makes for a zig-zaggy path at times.  Not because spirit is in any way inconsistent or capricious but because interpreting the sometimes cryptic, sometimes symbolic language of the otherside is an art that we all get wrong from time to time. 

My path began in early childhood with experiences that included a mystical connection with nature, totem encounters and a relationship with my guide (Arthur).  I had a clear sense of the energy of others - both living and dead - throughout my life.  I developed a fascination with witches while still in grade school and sometimes imagined that I was a witch.

As I got older I heard 'ghosts,' had premonitions, vivid dreams and visions.  The vision I remember best from that time happened when I was seventeen years old.  It wasn't an easy vision but it was very clear.  It had to do with the destruction of sacred grove and the people who mourned that loss - I understood those people to be druids - though I wasn't quite sure what that meant. 

Other experiences were to follow - experiences with divination, mediumship, nature spirits, the dreams I have recounted here and a few I have not.  Of particular interest to me was the vivid and coherent dream that encouraged me to research my family tree and a dream of a goddess I knew little about.  Each of these dreams led back both were otherworldly in nature.

The New Age movement offers an open and very interesting approach to spirituality.  And I have learned things through my New Age studies, I would not have learned anywhere else.  But the truth is that my path isn't really a new one.  It is quite old.  And so I will renaming this blog for the second time.  I have not thought of that name yet but it will come to me soon.

I will be changing the format a bit as well.  I will still be writing about astrology, divination, dreams, psychic development, mediumship and my metaphysical studies but I'll be writing about other things too.

I started this blog because I needed a place to keep myself on track and that hasn't changed.  Because that hasn't changed however the content will, of necessity, shift.  I will be writing more about earth based religion, more about my herb garden and the study of herbs, more about my home and the crafts that I work with, more about nature and the environment and my fiction writing.  More about what makes me the person I most want to be.

There is a part of me that wants to be conventional and main stream and under the radar but I have to say honestly that this part is not best of me and I won't let it dictate my actions.  I have never been a timid person at heart and I won't start being so now.

I hope that the new format and name will be as interesting to my readers as the old and that you will be continue this journey with me.  And I hope that my friends in the New Age community will not be put off.  

Either way I must, as always, be true to myself.

And if anyone has an idea for a new, more appropriate name for this blog - please do feel free to share it below!

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