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Track to the Moon by Emily Stauring
In October, I manifested a makeover for this blog and the energy for a great surge of creativity. The manifestation work I did last night was for the ebook that surge has started. 

The timing seemed right. The waxing Moon had just left Aries (a sign of fierce but not necessarily long lasting energy) and entered into Taurus - the sign of bringing things to ground (i.e., into the material). The full Moon in Gemini (communication) was three days away. 

Three is a sacred number so I set my intention that these three days before the the full Moon would be a period of great insight and creativity. It was my intention to harness the energy of the waxing moon (which is especially strong when it is this close to full) and the power of the full moon itself (a time of culmination and fulfillment).

But it wasn't just about the Moon.  There were other energies at work as well

It  was a Wednesday night for starters, the day dedicated Mercury or Wodin, a day for expression and communication.  Neurologically the day (December 3, 2014) was a 13 (1+2+3+2+1+4).  A lunar number which is especially meaningful for me.  And I think the long haul currents of astrology helped as well.  Jupiter the planet of expansion was (and is) in my Sun sign (Leo) and Saturn (structure) in my ascendent sign of Scorpio.  

All of this represents qualities I am manifesting - creativity, identity and transformation.

So last night I lit a candle, connected with spirit, spoke my intention and allowed (and received) a vision.  I felt the energy through and through, refining my personal vibration like a tuning fork.  I heard the buzz all around me.  I knew that something good was happening.

Afterwards, I felt incredible - happy, light, at peace.  

This morning I pulled cards on last night's spell.  Three sets of three, as pictured below.  The first group was for the blog.  The next for my creative process in general.  The third was for the book.  (The hawk tells another story.)

I'll include a few words about each spread below.  Note the perfect synchronicity of the ninth card drawn!

Full layout.
Blog cards.
I liked these cards: 6 of Bows, the Great Bear (Judgement) and the 4 of Vessels.  Inspiration --> Awakening --> Opportunities (which could be missed but opportunities nonetheless). 

Creativity in regard to my writing in a general sense.

These cards show the Hare, the Heron (an bird I had a very important encounter with as a child) and the 8 of Bows.  The Hare is enchantment and beginnings and the Heron is the doorway between the worlds and a mediator on our journey.  The blazing fire of the 8 of Bows reminds me of the creative fire.  Its interpretation is warmth and celebration.

The ebook.
The 5 of Arrows, the Wheel, the Moon on Water :)  The 5 of Arrows signifies frustration and I have been frustrated for sure but the Wildwood book says some interesting things about the detrimental effect frustration has upon our focus which fit just as well.  

The Wheel (a really beautiful card I'm going to show in a larger pic below) is a card of destiny and opportunity.  The Wildwood book reminds me that, the Wheel has turned and change is at hand.  

The ninth card is the Moon on Water.  It is card 18 which is to say that it is a 9 (1 + 8).  In this deck, the Moon is associated with inner transformation or initiation, the primal source of intuition, and the still point of potential.  And I find I like that interpretation better than I do most.

Three Herons, the thing we weave, hazelnuts over water and the Sun and Moon shining in the same sky.  Exactly how I have been feeling :)

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