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Today the waning moon leaves Scorpio and enters into Sagittarius.  On Sunday, the day of Alban Arthan, the Winter Solstice, that same moon travels into Capricorn.

Nine minutes later is it born anew.  

Because I have been working with some interesting energies this month - all of this has meaning.  

Earlier this month as the moon began to wane, I asked that all impediments to my creative focus diminish with it and this has in fact happened.

So it seems to me appropriate and even a bit poetic that this very important cycle ends and begins in Capricorn - bringing my old intentions to earth and sowing the new in a place of germination and taking root.

Planning is in many cases the most important aspect of manifestation.  And I am going to plan my work for this new moon well.  I'll post on my new intentions and the process I'll use to propel them later in the weekend.

Wishing everyone a mystical weekend - in every imaginable way!


Update 12/21: For more on this topic please see my short video Manifesting with the Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn.  To see a pic of my altar and learn more about the solstice (Alban Arthan) please the post after that:  My New Moon in Capricorn / Winter Solstice Manifestation Altar + Alban Arthan.  

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