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My altar after tonight's New Moon in Capricorn / Winter Solstice manifestation work.  Love the resonant energies of the steadily increasing lunar AND solar light!

This pic shows my leaf green candle, Night Queen incense, offering of water and small dish of earth.  I planted one Moon Flower in the dish and four more in the silver container.  I also replanted a very neglected jade plant in fresh earth. 

Took several pictures.  All show the same slanting light :)

For more on my process, please check out my video Manifesting with the Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn in the previous post and / or Moon Magic & the Coming New Moon in Capricorn (post before that).

Wishing everyone Alban Arthan blessings & light!

About Alban Arthan (Druidic Celebration Winter Solstice Celebration):

"In this darkest time of the year we celebrate the return of the Divine Child, the Mabon, the rebirth of the golden solstice Sun, who will bring warmth, light and life back to Earth again. The Wheel of the Year revolves beyond death and towards new light and new life."

"In the Druidic tradition the name of this festival is "Alban Arthan", Welsh for "Light of Winter". According to an older and more poetic interpretation, the name is "Alban Arthuan", meaning "Light of Arthur". In this poetical image, Arthur is symbolized by the Sun. The Sun dies and is reborn, just as the mythical Arthur is sleeping deep inside a mountain and will wake up again when the people need his help."    ~  By Eilthireach @

Have to say that my guide Arthur  and I favor the more poetic interpretation.  Also think that it is very cool that the card I drew in the video for tonight's manifestation (mine and yours) was the Wheel!

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